Mass Effect 3: Bioware admit it’s making it up as it goes along

Speaking in Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s Mass Effect 3 feature this month, executive producer Casey Hudson admitted that the Mass Effect 3 universe may not have been quite as tightly crafted as you might think. When asked about how the story has been developed over the game’s life he replied, “With ME1 and 2 we kind of cast some lines out into the next game that we knew we would have to think of something with. We didn’t know what exactly, how it would happen, but we knew what we had to do.”

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hassi943473d ago

Seems to contradict them a while back saying that they had finished the story for all 3 games before they even made the first game -.-

Lucreto3473d ago

I am sure the basic story was already there ie the reapers invade earth for ME3. Details chance through the games development and they need to make changes to the final story.

da_2pacalypse3472d ago

Wait... so the entire time they knew they were going to dumb down the series the way they have? Yeah, I dont think so... I think their plan took a U-turn as soon as EA purchased Bioware.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3472d ago

They had to dumb it down. It's coming out on the PS3 now.

Ba da bing!

Fylus3472d ago

Sir, you have one bubble.

Anyways, explain Mass Effect's stupified sequel that came out on Xbox LONG before PS3?

ShinMaster3472d ago

Bust Mass Effect 2 came out on both 360 and PS3...

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reznik_zerosum3473d ago

did u see how aliens look in this game :D
was kinda obvious "making it up as it goes along"

lastdual3473d ago

While not necessarily a good trend, this doesn't exactly spell doom either.

Naughty Dog admitted doing the same with Uncharted 3, saying they came up with the big set piece moments first and then filled in the game's story afterwards. Yes, it's a Michael Bay approach, but if your writers are talented enough something good can still result.

NeoBasch3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

Well, they admitted the same with UC2 (the opening train level, which was planned as a bridge collapsing in UC1). Regardless, Hennig did a good job of connecting the dots, making the story an equal part of the experience that sells the emotional relevancy and psychological impact the main character faces.

Good stories often don't have their details planned out well in advance. It's about what you do with it given the constraints you have.

Megaton3472d ago

Hardly the same level of story. Uncharted is a summer blockbuster. Handful of people stealing treasure. Mass Effect is an entire fictional universe of story.

tigertron3473d ago

Well they obviously didn't plan for a Mass Effect 3 with the ending in ME2. They made a huge challenge for themselves because of it. Those who have played ME2 will know what I'm talking about.

Sashamaz3473d ago

I played it and I don't know what you are talking about :|

KrimsonKody3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I ended ME1,
Believe I'm close to the end of ME2,
Won't play ME3 until I finish ME2,
& I don't even know what he's talking about.

Baka-akaB3473d ago

i dont have a clue actually about what you are talking about , since me2's endings are obviously pointing toward a third game

tigertron3473d ago


Really? none of you have thought that the suicide ending may have resulted in character deaths? their roles in ME3 will be affected. If someone has everyone die and continues in ME3 with that save file, they may be missing out on a hell of alot, not to mention Bioware may have to make new characters to replace them etc.

Baka-akaB3473d ago

That was it ? Expected more as potential issues .

Well of course dead chars wont show up and will be replaced . That's precisely what happens when Wrex is killed in me1 for some people's save .

Not to mention that some of your alive me1 crew returns as playable , while some of your Me2 ones are just guests , and obviously only showing up IF alive .

None of that is preventing a sequel and usually planned by Bioware so far .

orange-skittle3472d ago

Mass Effect 2 might as well have put a TO BE CONTINUED at the end. If he's talking about sacrifices, then thats not a surprise considering ME1 you had to do the same between Kaiden and Ashley. Everyone knew Reapers were coming and the Collectors were helping them. This one is going to be an all out war. I am so stoked for this game.

Aloren3472d ago

There's a big difference between having to sacrifice 1 of 2 predetermined characters, and maybe kill another one in ME1, and have 12 possible deaths in ME2.

I have a ME2 save where I lost 8 squadmembers and my crew. I'm eager to see how it plays in ME3. I hope it makes the game significantly harder, as it should.

tigertron3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Well then I guess I should have said they didn't plan it very well. When I said that I wasn't thinking straight, but my point about the ending affecting players who have the worst save still stands.

Just for the record, I never actually said it would prevent a Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 was possible - I mean, it is because its out in March.

The Virmire situation was different, it was an already scripted decision. Killing either one made little difference. Losing both Shepard and all the main characters is totally different.

I did read an interview somewhere, where Bioware said themselves they regretted ME2's suicide mission because it made things very difficult.

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Captain Qwark 93473d ago

the ending to me2 sucked bad. it doesnt even make sense for robots to capture humans to make some giant half flesh/half robot thing. adding flesh just makes it weaker, unless im misunderstanding something, thats kind of a mistake in the plot imo. but hey if im wrong somebody shed some light on it, id like to be wrong in this case

IronFistChinMi3473d ago

Reapers are modelled after the species used to create them, hopefully future games will reveal the species used to create Sovereign & co.

As it was a human that caused them grief in ME1, they decided to create a human reaper. I'm guessing that using the genetic makeup of a particular species, gives the Reaper the knowledge of how to defeat the race it was made from.

NeoBasch3473d ago

wha?!? You no like BABY TERMINATOR?

How dare you! /s

Yeah, that was one of the cheesiest endings I have ever seen. Such a weak story. What a trainwreck.

Redempteur3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

They were looking into the human potential to assimilate it to become more powerfull.

Kinda like :
"So you were able to hurt me... i'm still stronger but i'll study you to understand why you were able to hurt me , inferior species "

This way of thinking. kinda like how a human might study a moskito to try to negate the effect of a bite.

Captain Qwark 93473d ago

lmao there is nothing to defeating humans, they were doing it all the time. just point and shoot, no secret to it. thanks for trying to help guys but it still seems like a pretty weak plot point to me. i would have preferred the reapers just stealing humans and enslaving them, perhaps they could have the humans gathering resources for them to help increase the size of their army or even have snatched them up, taken control of them and just added to their army. its much more typical but it makes far more sense

Baka-akaB3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Except it's basically their MO to enslave and corrupt the "dominant" species , why would they suddenly change that and just point and shoot ?

Doesnt make sense , if the Reapers were about just brute forcing their way like that , we wouldnt even need a story there . It's just their way of life . Not as if they werent wiping out the protean easily too , and most likely every dominant species of every cycle they wiped out too .

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krazykombatant3473d ago

@Sashamaz,baka-akab. I think he means *SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!*

If you keep the collector base that will be a problem considering that Cerberus is indoctrinated in ME3.

Redempteur3473d ago

Every ending in ME2 is hinted at the final fight against the reapers... the ending is open since nothing is solved ...
ME was planned as a trilogy from the start and neither endings in neither games indicate otherwise.

Baka-akaB3473d ago

You know i never was holding my breath or that or even believing for a second it would turn up to be that important a decision .

I mean remember your choice about the council ? You just basically chose the skin of those still being total jerks to you , and you are shipped off to intervene in stuff they dont even care about .

That's pretty much what i expected from the go about the collector base :

- Cerberus pissed at you for destroying the base
- Cerbersus being manipulated byt the base and the reapers .

Two branch leading to pretty much he same start , minus divergent dialogue lines and mini scenes

Kushan3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Why would that mean they didn't plan for a ME3? Excluding the fact that they said from the very beginning that it was a trilogy (Source: - dated from 2007), just because a "main" character from ME2 dies doesn't mean ME3 will be counted out. Look at ME1 - Wrex can die and he'll be missing in ME2, which does change some major elements of the game but not in a game-breaking way. A similar thing will happen in ME3. Sure, you might miss out on several side-quests, but that's all part of the game. In fact, all that does is add to the replayability of the game - there are different missions available if someone is dead, because different events happen. I'm psyched to start the series again as a completely different "style" (Renegade instead of Paragon" just to see how different things can turn out.

The way I see it, Mass Effect 1+2+3 are essentially one gigantic game, how episodic content should be. You get fantastic rewards from playing each game onto the next, from simple emails that mention what you did to major story arcs that develop the way you chose them to. I've never played another RPG like it, most of them either set you off on a completely different story from the beginning, or more or less have the same story right up until the ending. Mass Effect is different and that's why I love it.

Megaton3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

They said whoever dies in ME2's ending will not be in ME3. They had ME mapped out as a trilogy from the very beginning.

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closnyc23473d ago

lol, i will pass on me3, they already killed it with third person mechanics that make it look like gears of war and now with mp. They obviously just want the money and COD numbers and theyre willing to betray their fanbase for it. Good for you bioware. too bad.

Neo Nugget3473d ago

I think you're overreacting just a TINY bit, sir.

SageHonor3473d ago

A Corporation wanting money? Game developers adding features to their game.. OH THAT IS SO HORRIBLE!!!
It's funny cause if you have been actually following ME3. You'll notice that it captures the previous games quite well

closnyc23473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

oh ya, am sorry you have played it and know this and believe everything casey hudson tells you. Right. You sir, are correct. How was it? was it good? how is the future? let me know maybe i can time travel there too! the game is easier, its adding third person mechanics like gears of war really better? maybe for you, cause you love pressing A and awesome happening. Is having three ways to play a supposedly rpg game, better? action mode, story mode, rpg mode? is adding mp jsut to satisfy the masses and betray their own design for the better? there are games that just need to stay sp. Biochock, dead space, assassins creed, witcher, deus ex, elder srolls. If this is what you consider better, then shit man, we know where you at. Hows mw3 treating you? and no, a corporation milking you with day 1 dlc, pre order bonuses, and coming from one developer that has been going downhill ever since dragon age 2, is not a good example of gamer - developer relationship. Look at valve, cd projekt, mojang,and many more. Theyre not greedy like bioware is and has been.

SageHonor3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I never played COD before
Yes I played the leaked beta and the Demo at Comic Con.
I am aware of the RPG elments if you wanna bring in that arguement.

If you've been following ME3 closely and if you would have saw the confirmed features you wouldnt have left that comment. You wouldn't be nervous about ME3 if you've actually been keeping track of things

Xyle3473d ago

Exactly. Me1, though I enjoy it was bland... this type of game play is awesome. The fact that this guy is whining about it shows what games he enjoys. He rather have endless inventory, and a more quest like game like skyrim. though good, not as story driven as mass effect.

Kushan3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Did you play ME1? The combat was TERRIBLE. Along with the vehicle dynamics and lifts, all Bioware did was take everything bad out of the game and/or replace it with something better. Combat in ME2 doesn't feel like a chore and while it's not quite as good as GoW, it's good enough and the excellent story more than makes up for it.

RedDead3472d ago

Not everything was better. For one, the worlds felt more like levels from a Tps. Than an Rpg, for the most part. I didn't like the story of what I played either, I stopped half way I think, I collected all the characters and did some of their missions. Not much of a story, go here, collect ally repeat: Go through to outer rim territory(whatever they call it in ME). A combat mechanics where good but level design sucked, it shows Bioware are RPG makers an not Tps ones.

orange-skittle3472d ago

"They killed it with 3rd person mechanics?" WHAT?! This game has always had that. They just improved it with every iteration. Since when did this game not have a 3rd person feel to an RPG? They made it exciting to play by including a better cover system, melee attack, and biopic powers. Fighting alongside your teammates is amazing.

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SageHonor3473d ago

Umm its designed as a trilogy. Stuff like that tends to happen when you're trying to fill in the gaps. You have these concepts that are unclear when you start off.. but then they come together

Pintheshadows3472d ago

I'd just call it evolution. For example, when planning a novel you arrange the basic elements of your story and give them order. Once the writing process begins however points are altered or removed, parts are added as are are characters. The order may be rearranged and more detail or even new ideas can be added. It's a fun process.

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