Gamespot Reviews Soulcalibur Legends: Bad

A revered series takes a nosedive in this embarrassing, tedious excuse for an action game.

The Good
* You slash up bad guys using the Wii Remote.

The Bad
* Cheap deaths in lieu of real challenge
* Boring, repetitive combat
* Lame tasks that masquerade as puzzles
* You muddle through the same short, linear, ugly levels over and over


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MK_Red4738d ago

Wow, I was expecting a low score but 3.5/10!?

VTKC4738d ago

oh well back to umbrella Chronicles

midgard2294738d ago

duh its a wii game, action oriented games dont work on it, only simple platformers, sports games and mini games work. thank goodness smash bros isnt mostion sensitive

ItsDubC4738d ago

Action-oriented games don't work on it? Zelda: TP, MP3, and RE4 must've just been a figment of my imagination then. O, and apparently Mario Galaxy is a "simple" platformer.

Duh midgard.

PS360WII4738d ago

yeah the 'puzzles' they speak of were pretty lame. The combat is pretty good though with combos and easy of use. Overall scale is poor though. 3.5 is a bit harsh but still should be low none the less.

It's a SC game however so it gets probs just for that.

Action games have a place for the Wii. Yet just like I always say the developers need to actually spend time on a game they make for the Wii. It's not as forgiving to screw up a game on the Wii as it is for PS3/360.

Strife Lives4738d ago

Is a huge understatement. Ive owned soul blade, soul caliber 1,2,3 and this is the worst looking/playing one.everything in this whole game looks recycld from soul caliber 2 and a little of 3. Lame. And weak. Im sad Namco.really

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The story is too old to be commented.