G.R.A.W XBOX 360 bundle

Because of the success of Tom Clancy's latest game on the Xbox 360, Microsoft has decided to give it an exclusive bundle with their premium bundles.

Starting September 30th, for the regular $399.99 price tag, premium packages will include the premium setup, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and a Xbox Live Gold trial membership, giving one month of access to the service: this includes Xbox Live Arcade Unplugged and the following titles:

- Geometry Wars Evolved
- Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
- Wik: Fable of Souls
- Hardwood Backgammon
- Outpost Kaloki X
- Texas Hold'em

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joemutt5856d ago

Now we just need "kingboy" and "PS3 Fan" to vote lame, like they always do.

BlackCountryBob5856d ago

Thats a great sounding deal but when will Britain get a bundle like this, USA has one, Canada has one, I even remember something about France getting a Saints Row bundle, when do us Brits get one, any game would be good just to sweeten the deal for my £280!

Fuzz McDeath5856d ago

Maybe they are waiting for the new PES or FIFA? Seems like that would sell a bunch of consoles...

TheMART5856d ago

Now this is about the same as a price cut and another blow to the PS3 again.

The value of the 360 compared to the PS3 is so much better and they do about the same in graphics, the 360 has the better exclusives I guess every day it's getting harder and harder for PS3 to survive

Marriot VP5856d ago

and texas hold em.....dang son