Top 10 Failed Video Game Hero Makeovers

GameDynamo - "In order to draw new attention to an old hero, sometimes game companies will radically alter their characters' designs. In some cases, this is successful and gives the franchise a welcome resurgence. In other cases, it results in embarrassing failure, forcing the company to go back to their tried and true designs. This list features games from the latter category, and while not all of these redesigns were bad, none of them stuck for any extended period of time."

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AJKanismajoris3433d ago

I wouldn't call Toon Link a failed makeover.....or a makeover at that, the art style is different but he still resembles links from the past (No Pun intended)

lorianguy3433d ago

I agree. It's not really a make-over when Nintendo went for a real zelda after with Twilight Princess, then back to a toony link after that.

I'd argue that he's just a variation (or spin-off?) of the Zelda series.

MaxXAttaxX3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

I'm guessing #1 was the only way you could make Bomberman appealing to Xbox fans, lol
Take away all the charm and make it brootal :P

I agree with Zelda too. That game was great and I liked the art style.

guitarded773433d ago

The androgynous "Shimon Belmondo" is super fail... the rest can't even compare.

MariaHelFutura3433d ago

Windwaker is one of the best Zelda games ever made. The toon art style was perfect. IMO.

bwazy3433d ago

Agreed and because of the art style, in 100 years (if were not all dead as a species by then), the game will still look amazing.

YodaCracker3432d ago

Wind Waker was my favorite Zelda title (although I have yet to play Skyward Sword), and I loved the vibrant and colorful art style. I was not aware it was one of the lowest-selling Zelda titles though, and I doubt that has to do with "Toon Link", rather the GameCube's overall poor sales performance.

DJZed3432d ago

Here's what another one of our writers had to say about Wind Waker :)

Fylus3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

Yeah I was gunna say...

Pretty sure Toon Link was a huge success... This article is kinda meh.

EDIT: Wait a minute... ALL these games were awesome (with exception to #1) and no one ever complained about the character's looks... Who wrote this article?

Jake_the_Dog3433d ago

If you play Windwaker now, the graphics still look good because of the stylization. Other games, not so much.

MariaHelFutura3433d ago

Exactly, the game is beautiful.

mike1up3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

Very good point. I recently (re)beat The Wind Waker... and yes, what you said.

Pozzle3432d ago

I'd forgotten about the Castlevania Judgement character designs. They're just so...ugh! The outfits make no sense! I know a lot of people complained about Ayami Kojima's androgynous designs from previous games, but at least they were pretty to look at. The Castlevania Judgement ones are just...a mess!

Gr813432d ago

Toon Link was garbage. I can't believe how much 'praise' WW gets around here. The moment the spaceworld trailer for WW released the backlash from fans was incredible. Unlike anything before. There were online petitions begging Nintendo to change it.

Since then, Toon Link has been limited to Handheld Zelda's.

linkratos3432d ago

That's because once people got over their hard-ons for realism or actually tried the game they realized how fantastic it was (minus the sailing).

Among the best looking games last gen, with an art style that will keep it from aging for years.

Gr813432d ago

Because the game was as lame as its 'timeless' artsyle. Puhlease.

Rob9463432d ago

Toon Link is awesome!

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