Kotaku: The 12 Best Games on PSP

Evan Narcisse: Sony's first handheld gaming system is retailing for the lowest price ever now. You—being a patient person—have taken advantage of this turn of events. Or maybe you got handed one by someone who needs a clean break before the Vita arrives. Now you need some games to cement your relationship.

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Blaine3434d ago

Valkyria Chronicles 2 should be on there. Was the first game I got when I got a PSP (last summer) and I had no idea the handheld had so much potential!

And Gran Turismo. Maybe not as good as its home console counterparts, but definitely a great portable driving simulator (I do mean driving simulator; not racing... a great time trial simulator!). I play it from time to time to sharpen up on the Nurburgring!

Young_ART3434d ago

WOW im suprised that socom ftb1 didnt make that list. that & syphon filter were really popular on psp for their multiplayer modes, and also drove sales for the psp mic. now that I think about it, syphon filter as an overall great game, campaign AND multiplayer.

Ddouble3434d ago

No dissidia or Crisis Core??