Europe/Australia PSN Updates for December 14


Piyotama (£3.49, AUD$8.45)
High Stakes On The Vegas (£4.99, AUD$12.95)


Burnout Paradise


Guitar Hero III Foo Fighters & Velvet Revolver Track Packs (£3.99, AUD$9.95)


High Velocity Bowling Trailer
High Stakes Poker Trailer
Piyotama Trailer

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Brian52474740d ago

Excellent update for Europe. Burnout is incredible!

thegamergene4740d ago

I'm still hanging for Everyday Shooter :(

Thargoth4740d ago

Yeah I've been waiting for that too. Kinda odd because we got the trailer around a month ago. Should've been out by now.

When is this Dark Mist supposed to come? Looks neat.

DaFunk4740d ago

What a terrible PSN update. I was really hoping High Velocity Bowling would be there. Hurry up Sony and release this to Europe/Australia!!!

Ducati4740d ago

Where's Pain as well??? Sony really do take their time sharing the US updates with Europe/Australia/New Zealand, the excuse of foreign languages doesn't wash to well as they could easily delploy the English versions to the EU/AUS/NZ/etc stores.

Peekay4740d ago

for the first time ever in psn's history EU doesnt get shafted and gets Burnout along with the states! Woot! Woot! ;)

carl ps34740d ago

taken 2 hours to download BurnOut demo!!!!!!!!!:-/ strange that

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