Top Ten Tuesday: Best And Worst Alternative History Games

The cool thing about videogames is that they can take you anywhere. They can also take you anywhen. Because you don't always have to come up with a completely original world for your game to take place. When done right, playing what-if with established history to can result in some enthralling videogame experiences. Or, you know they can be really crap.

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Cajun Chicken4079d ago

For shame for not even listing SIngularity.

granthinds4079d ago

Haha! Ye, singularity was rather average. That guided bullet was rather cool though...

DesVader4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I was just chuffed that Crimson Skies was on the list. I loved that game when it came out. Reminded me of Tales of the Golden Monkey. Flying, pirates, daring stunts. I was going to write "best use of my joystick ever", but then something stopped me. Oh, wait. Doh.

Choc_Salties4079d ago

I'm always happy whenever and wherever the Fallout series is mentioned. Waiting for Fallout 4 or the MMOG, IF that ever is going to see the light of day after the settlement

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