Capcom – Resident Evil: Revelations could have been RE6

Katawa said he was inspired to make a core Resident Evil game for the 3DS both by the technology and the changes to the franchise’s direction.

“The first thing I thought was I wanted to make a full-on Resident Evil game rather than just port the series into a handheld system and set that as my goal,” he said.

Optical_Matrix4499d ago

Either way its nice that we're getting two main entries in the Resident Evil Series in one year. I'm addicted to this Revelations demo

Titanz4499d ago

It seems like the majority of people who tried the demo, also enjoyed it.

fluffydelusions4498d ago

Revelations looks very good but is there REAL zombies in the game?

Stephen55434498d ago

Has it ever been "real" zombies? I thought it has always been a virus.

PamPoovey4499d ago

They should of done that...all they would of needed to do is just change a few things round.

Change the characters to Leon and Jill/Claire/Rebbeca and just have those two on the boat. No pointless characters like Parker...or Jessica just Leon and his partner.

I wonder if we'll ever get a RE game where it's just Chris and Jill together. Even in the first RE, Jill had Barry and Chris had Rebbeca.

D3mons0ul4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

I wonder if we'll ever get another RE where Chris looks normal again.

Remember when Chris was actually cool? I do

ThirstyforFanta4498d ago

He looks way better now just saying.

D3mons0ul4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

No, he really doesn't but you're entitled to your opinion.

This was back when he was young too, so he should look aged in a different way, the Chris we have now looks like a completely different person than what was the original.

I honestly prefer the more colorful designs of RE 1-CV. The whole art style has been changed since REmake. Not saying it has been all bad, because many of the characters ARE improved. Chris however, is not one of them.

The Chris in 1-CV would not look like he does now had they kept the same designs. He'd look a lot better now, and less like a stereotypical action flick hero. An outdated one too because roids haven't been cool since the 80s.

scofios4498d ago

The last picture made me lol.
Even on his free time he wears hes S.T.A.R. clothes.

Tdmd4498d ago


I agree. People complain about he's new design, but I really don't think it looks wrost. Now he looks like a commando. Before, he looked like a anime teenager. I'm not really saying one look is better than the other, just saying (imo) it fits the character better. Altough I got to admit they really went crazy on the steroids.

If you meant the pic that D3monS0uls posted, it wasn't Chris on his free time, it was Chris after surviving the events in Code Veronica in the last minute and just about to bomb away an Umbrella facility. ;]

scofios4498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )


Yes the pics from D3monSOuls.
The last picture the one where he is fishing on the lake .

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TruthbeTold4499d ago

I've been playing the demo, and I must say, the game graphically looks VERY good.

4498d ago
firelogic4498d ago

Yeah just like Konami said MGS Peace Walker could have been MGS5.

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Capcom Had Record Sales in 2024 Fiscal Year

Capcom Co., Ltd. today announced that in its consolidated earnings for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2024, net sales were 152,410 million yen (up 21.0% year-over-year), operating income was 57,081 million yen (up 12.3% year-over-year), ordinary income was 59,422 million yen (up 15.7 % year-over-year), and net income attributable to owners of the parent was 43,374 million yen (up 18.1 % year-over-year).

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Hey Capcom I want a remake of Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2 on Switch or, maybe Switch 2. I loved both of those games on GameCube.

MeteorPanda9d ago

Good. capcom and square enix were my two favourite developers and now it's just CapCom! Square enix keeps missing the mark, their sparks gone.


Dragon's Dogma 2 continues Capcom's hot streak on Metacritic

Dragon's Dogma 2 continues Capcom's hot streak of favorably reviewed games as the studio lands first on Metacritic's top publishers ranking.

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Capcom Is 'Aware' of Dragon's Dogma 2 Frame Rate Issues on PC

Responding to a query about frame rate problems from IGN, Capcom said in a statement that performance issues on PC may be linked to the heavy amount of CPU demanded from NPCs in the game.

"In Dragon's Dogma 2, a large amount of CPU usage is allocated to each character and dynamically calculates the impact of their physical presence in various environments. In certain situations where numerous characters appear simultaneously, the CPU usage can be very high and may affect the frame rate," a Capcom representative told IGN. "We are aware that in such situations, settings that reduce GPU load may currently have a limited effect; however, we are looking into ways to improve performance in the future."

just_looken59d ago

What a load of bull there blaming the npc load for there poor performance? the new hitman games has way more going on beyond that they are saying any pc cpu is not powerful enough?

In the article it is also stated a ign reviewr got motion sickness playing ps5/pc version but still enjoyed it? like wow if that was me i would knock it down alot and asked for a patch asap.

So those about to play thank denuvo get a barf bucket if your on pc play 720p because like cites skyline its going to be a unoptimized cpu mess.

Man those on series s/steam deck/rog ally rip :(

just_looken59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Just putting up a pcgamer review

"its janky has bugs poor performance need lots of updates 89/100"

Gameing bolt unstable frame rate rate below 30fps but that is great??????

Man have we dropped that quality bar for acceptable performance/optimization

a person's view on performance using a high end pc

andy8558d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Am I hearing that right, that reviewer with a 4090 is getting drops into the 20s when there's several NPC on screen. Sorry but there's zero excuse for that. BG3 had hundreds at a time on screen and that's a pretty game. What an absolute piss poor engine

just_looken58d ago


Yes the is correct but every review is giving it a past and or saying that its great that the performance is like the first ps3/xbox one game.

2012 20-30fps 2024 20-30fps dragons dogma keeping things the same reviewers like that apparently

just_looken58d ago

IGN put up a video showing the 4090 struggling aswell as console performance all versions are like the first game with fps issues.Remember dlss 3.0 can almost double your fps like that cyber punk video so without dlss on your looking at 30fps on the most powerful gpu that is out right now.


Cacabunga58d ago

Capcom where is Deep Down???

Tapani58d ago

@andy85 At launch BG3 dropped to under 30fps at the final chapter on 4090. I played the game at launch and had that experience. And that was with a 5800X3D. Everything watercooled and fine-tuned CPU/GPU and memory at 32GB with good timings, and a fast SSD etc.

just_looken58d ago


I am sorry are we comparing a AA game with a small budget with alot going on 24/7 to a AAA game funded buy the billion dollar capcom?

You are right yes but that was patched and that team loves there community but if the first dogma said anything we should expect a patch or 2 but that is it.

andy8558d ago

@Tapani indeed but that was hundreds of NPCs. Not a few. It's piss poor

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lellkay58d ago

Can they be aware of the need for 60fps on consoles plz