Capcom's Old Game Engine Seemingly To Blame For Certain Releases Skipping Xbox

“Capcom has no pipeline for porting older MT Framework titles to Xbox's modern ERA system, which makes it more expensive to deliver the same titles than it would porting them to PlayStation 4, Switch, or PC.”

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Valkyrye32d ago

Phase 1 Denial
Phase 2 Excuse making
Phase 3 Indifference

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darthv7232d ago

did MS just stop supporting MT framework all together? I get that its not supported for Series (same with PS5) but the PS4 and XBO supported it. So, its just odd that there is a PS4 version (which would subsequently run on PS5 via BC) but not an XBO to do the same.

Unless there was some update applied to both XBO/Series that no longer make it compatible and only existing titles are it. I'm getting it for Switch anyways so I'm good. I have the other collections on there and I like to keep things together.

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DefaultComment31d ago

Nah, that's PR talking even with an outdated engine they can still port games from the early 2000's to their so called "max power" hardware.
This is just plain and simple ever since their game pass, is not profitable for Japanese companies to port their games for a montly subscription. They still are rooted into buy and sell their products, in contrast Microsoft is trying to FORCE us to consume gaming as a service and not a product.
The day that gaming industry becomes a service that's when I would most likely leave it and let it rot since that is a walking dead insutry and no longer consumer friendly like. Fortunatly we can still vote with our wallets.

Tedakin31d ago

How is MS trying to force you to do anything? You can buy your games. You can subscribe to them. They give you an option to play their games just about any way you choose. Why is that a bad thing?

DefaultComment31d ago

Game pass is imposed at this point, they insist and that's their big bet for them, hence why they were buying studios to make games for their gamepass library,.Baiscally making gaming a service like Netflix or Disney+. that's anticonsumer and hopefully we still got options.


Super Rare Gold NES Cartridge Up for $10k at Auction

A super-rare gold NES cartridge, of which only thirteen apparently exist in the world, is being put up for auction later today for a whopping price.

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Rebel_Scum13h ago

Its missing the triangle label. Its not a complete game!


LG_Fox_Brazil12h ago

The holy grail of gaming collections


GTA Publisher Take-Two Adds Review Bombing to List of Risks, Leads to "Loss of Players and Revenues"

Take-Two Interactive has added "negative review campaigns" as part of the risks publishers face that could impact their success.

TheNamelessOne1d 13h ago

Outside of fanboy BS you really only see review bombing when games are released in a broken state, or if a game goes against the player's best interests in design.

So that sounds like an issue these publishers need to fix, themselves, before releasing a product to the masses and expecting to be paid for it.

D4Damager15h ago

Not at all. Theres lots more reasons. Helldivers 2, people didnt read you need an account. Players review bomb everything because theyre entitled.
They've review bombed games because of an LGBTQ character, review bombed because a certain character dies in the game...the list is endless. Most of which are out of the devs control

excaliburps14h ago

More often than not, it is that. I mean, unless fanboy BS review bombing, you can see a mile away usually.

boing12h ago

Every GTA offended someone. I'm sure in the current climate, GTA 6 will offend even more. Unfair review bombing is a very possible threat imho.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 2h ago

Sounds service issue Take two not something to cry about. So if your products is broken gameplay wise you deserve the review bombing.

Hedstrom15h ago

I think what they could be in risk of in getting review bombed is if they clean up the humor.

purple10112h ago

If it don’t have good humour and good radio stations, it’s not gta

anast14h ago

Keep review bombing. These companies have so much money and power they don't even have to give us complete products and most of the times games are really just one big advert.

Inverno13h ago

Don't piss people off and you won't be reviewed bombed.

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