Coolest Custom Wii Ever

Here's another crazy custom wii mod. This one focuses on the modders favorite developer rather than a specific game.

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lynx1halo5401d ago

the christmas lights in the rockstar symbol have more processing power than the Wii

M_Prime5401d ago

wow thats ROCKSTAR LOVE.. and we're not even getting GTA4 and no rumors of old GTAs coming to the WII.. but then again why not port GTA3, VICE CITY and SAN ANDREAS to the WII.. the games are made.. FREE MONEY!.. hell i would love to have VICE CITY on my WII.. I LOVE VICE CITY.. best GTA game to date for me.. and yes i finished GTA3 and San Andreas.. San Andreas was bigger (more places to go) and you could actually swim (YAY) but there wasn't much to the cities.. and the gangwar was kinda dumb cause when u move away from the area you come back and you gatta get ur turf back again.. though i don't remember if u can elminate gangs.. either way after the turf mission i didn't care much about it.

and VICE CITY had the best story line ever.