The Five Weirdest Trophy / Achievement Tasks

"Ever since games got more complex, there have been fairly odd tasks you can perform. Some of these have a use while some are just Easter eggs and others just are out of place. After trophies/achievements came into play, some games assigned an award for these tasks. While not every task is off the wall weird, some are worth noting and we’ve compiled five of the pretty random trophies we could find" - JPS

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MightyMark4272550d ago

the weirdest achievement I've encountered is when I was playing MGS HD Collection. I have to kiss a poster of a sexy girl in the locker lol

Lavitz19892550d ago

There are a lot of weird MGS HD trophies.

NoobJobz2550d ago

3/5 of those weren't weird at all.

BitbyDeath2550d ago

I thought tying a lady to the traintracks and waiting for the train in RDR was the weirdest one for me.

admiralvic2550d ago

its weird to do the opposite, but since its a western cliche it's highly debatable. (in my opinion)