MySingStar Online Is Having Server Issues

It's becoming clear that SingStar's main PS3 related feature is not working as it should be.

Connecting to the community known as MySingstar Online, it's meant to be like the rest of the game, seamless and fast. Unfortunately the service ...

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dale14739d ago

its just yours then get a better ip provider running at 20meg at virgin, downloads in seconds

EHILL4739d ago

I had no idea My singstar was launched for any territory.


Europe ? Is this game already release in the US , I thought feb 08 . Somebody please let me know ?

Darkiewonder4739d ago

Just some people felt like importing the game ;3

rushbd4739d ago

no one reported any problems as of now. I dont know what is going on here. Crappy internet connection anyone ??

unwind_protect4739d ago

bought the game yesterday when it was released here and the server problems piss me off... Yesterday i only managed to connect once and the connection lasted a couple of minutes, today I managed to download 2 songs but can't use them (not even listen to them) at all because in order to play the downloaded stuff you probably have to be logged in to the singstar server which seems to be impossible at the moment :( It's definitely not my internet connection (16MBit/s).

mightydog014739d ago

im in uk and its same here some time cant even connect sso error and ss7. phoned sony and they are aware of the problem. they said nothing about when online be sorted. my connection fine as well. hope they sort it out soon....

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