$20 off and Buy 2 Get 1 Free in Best Buy's Video Game Deals of the Week

Best Buy have released their video game deals of the week. This weeks highlights include buy 2 get 1 free, $20 off select titles and $50 off an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle.

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ABizzel13480d ago

Best Buy has become the best Video game retailer IMO. The only negative I have against them are the used games sales. Their selection is so sparse all the time.

Commander_TK3480d ago

If they only bring themselves to Europe.

MAJ0R3480d ago

Apparently they don't do very well in the UK, so that's probably why they haven't moved into a lot of Europe.

zeeshan3480d ago

I usually wait a few days because Amazon usually price match it.

CoLD FiRE3480d ago

Why would anyone buy Assassin's Creed Revelations for $40 when they can get it for $29.99 from Amazon?

KrimsonKody3480d ago

The buy 2 get 1 free deal.
Indeed, you may spend an extra $10 from not buying @ Amazon.
But you can save a decent dub + ($20 or more) from the 3rd game you get free.

TIP; Buy 1 game valued @ standard price, let 2nd game be of lesser value, then choose the 3rd (free) game @ the same or lesser value of the 1st.
The closer in value the 3rd game is, the more you benefit (& save).

ABizzel13479d ago

Actually Best Buy had it for $35 the first week it was out, and had it for $30 a couple of times since then with the @gamer magazine discount and regular in-store prices. So if you really wanted it you already bought it from Best Buy last year.

taijutsu3633480d ago

Gamestops already having this deal. Glad they are got some used games to buy!

ABizzel13479d ago

Game stop doesn't give you $20 off brand new games, nor does Game Informer give you coupons to use on new / used games like @gamer magazine.

Gamestop has fallen and Best Buy is taking over. Gamestop was great during the PS2 / Xbox / GC days, but now they're greedy to the max.

Anyone remember Funcoland?