Battle for Middle Earth 2 gets patched

The changelog for The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II patch has a list of four fixes, although one of them isn't actually a fix but a very retarded way of 'solving' a problem.

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PS360WII5854d ago

Bad way to fix that disconnection loss. Maybe they should of put the one with the most resorces gets the win or something like that. Or maybe have a middle ground for disconnects like a tie or something.

Asylumchild5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Your saying you want a tie if someone disconnects ok say your slaughtering me right and i discide Im gunan be a lil B!tch and quit by unplugging my cord and you will win with a tie????? Think before u speak [email protected]

PS360WII5854d ago

I was saying it's better than giving the win to the guy who has a better connection then the other guy. Ties one can deal with not losses that I didn't have

Schmitty075854d ago

How can you disconnect and give someone a loss?

Microsoft Master5854d ago

I've always liked the offline on this game more than online anyway. I just saw the story and posted it for the people that do care about it's online. EA servers SUCK!

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