Edge Preview: The Outsider

Edge writes:

"David Braben still isn't ready to show much of The Outsider. The free-roaming political thriller, revealed over a year ago, is some two years from being ready, and currently unsigned (although that could change sooner rather than later: when asked about its status, Braben says his "no comment" with a broad smile). But the father of Elite is enthusiastic enough about his vision to evangelize it to the general public, show some very early demos of the game running, and discuss it with Edge."

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Multigamer4737d ago

i forgot about this game

InMyOpinion4737d ago

I think this game will be amazing.

Matpan4737d ago

A breathe of fresh innovative air. Let´s hope the end game live up to it´s promises. If so, we could be looking at a future blockbuster...