New Exclusive PS3 Unreal Tournament footage

Check out this new PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 gameplay.

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Bits-N-Kibbles4740d ago

hopefully I'll get this for X-Mas..

INehalemEXI4740d ago

UT3 will be my next purchase. It was not on my x mas list.

FamilyGuy4740d ago

Bought it yesterday, only here cause i gotta get to bed soon and was waiting for woot to change its sale item

sonarus4740d ago

great game best multiplayer experience on ps3. i still think warhawk has better CTF though but UT3 bests it on all other levels. Ps3 owners go out and purchase this

gamesR4fun4740d ago

I still love my WH cheats glitches and all but this should get a lot better support form Midway Incognito just isnt about online support.

Hydrollex4740d ago

Halo 3 and Gears Of War's graphic !

Ok lets laugh at people who disagree me

JACKRABBIT4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Permit me to disagree. But i.m.h.o this game is nothing to write home about.It dose not kill Halo 3 in graphics and certainly not Gears sorry.
Don't get me wrong it looks great but not oh S**T you gotta see this kind of game. Like uncharted is now that game dose beat down Halo 3 and gears hands down. Go ahead disagree. This is just my humble opinion. Seen thur a gamers eyes not a fanboys eyes.

*Free your mind Game on Gamer*

@ BoodyBandit

It's just my opinion you can take with a grain of salt. Yes i own it i bought it the day it was released. Yes i know about the adjustments i changed them i like vivid better. I even changed my TV settings it's just my opinion that this game dose not kick Halo 3 or Gears of war out of the water like some may think. I never said this game was crap it looks just as good as those other games i mentioned ^^. But I.M.H.O like i said before nothing that makes you scream WOW. Like uncharted did when i popped it in my PS3. I even called my 360 fanboy of a brother to praise the game. I didn't unfortunately for this title I was hoping this title was the one that would make him see how great of a machine the PS3 is but i'm sad to say it's not. Let me explain UT3 on PS3 can be done on the 360 to look just as good so he will not buy a PS3 if his 360 can do the same thing. If you look @ my past post you will see that i am a Gamer not a fanboy. Game on Gamer * my friend Let's agree to Disagree Gamer

boodybandit4739d ago

Are you stating your opinion because of this demo or do you own UT3 for the PS3? IMHO this game (UT3) is definitely a step up from Gears. Put the post processing (under video settings) on intense and then give it a try.

Most people don't know that you can adjust most Epic games under options. They just jump in and play. It shows even more detail and makes the colors more vibrant. Vivid is also pretty sweet.

Now I just have to make a schedule to allow for COD4 (have it for both the PS3 and 360. I know I'm nuts), Warhawk and UT3. UT3 will get most of my play time for now but I will definitely go back to the others.

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