TGR: Blacksite: Area 51 Review 5.3/10

It's not often that a game's creative director steps out on a limb to openly lambaste the fruit of his labors. So when Harvey Smith called this game "So f#@%ed up," it was readily apparent that something must have happened that made him want to distance himself from his creation. As was the case with Mary Shelly's classic, the result of this convoluted development is a monster of epic proportions. At first, Blacksite appears to be an adequate, if not underrated, shooter. However, after the introduction the game quickly devolves into a tedious, uninspired affair. Without the advent of new weapons or gameplay elements, each chapter plays nearly the same, resulting in a bland, monotonous shooter. In the end Blacksite is unable to capitalize on its strengths. Dozens of little issues begin to accumulate, marring and otherwise adequate game that eventually becomes a painful, entirely forgettable experience.

Score 5.3/10

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