IGN Reviews GripShift: Decent

Nate Ahearn gives GripShift 7/10:

"Contrary to what some might be thinking, GripShift isn't a bad game by any means. It has more gameplay than most XBLA titles and certainly will last you a good while if you want to trudge through all 120 challenge levels as well as the 25 race maps (several of each type are exclusive to the Xbox 360 release) but it's made extremely clear early on that it really doesn't have a point or a focus. Some will be able to take it for what it is, but I need some sort of glue to hold my games together, some sort of over-arching point as to why I'm playing them, sadly GripShift doesn't have any of that. Again, it's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, and some will likely garner hours of enjoyment from it, but it needs more focus to truly excel in the crowded arena of XBLA releases.
IGN Ratings for GripShift (X360)"

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PirateThom4976d ago

I'd like to warn XBox owners

He's given it about 4 marks too high.