PS Vita, Premature Eradication?

Looks like this guy is getting counted out after the first round. Is the audience justified, or just over reacting?

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xxxAnubisxxx3432d ago

HA... I just love the title!!!

JLesinski3431d ago

Good article. Interesting insight to the industry of mobile gaming

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3431d ago

Heck all you have to do is compare all the consoles that ppl said would fail to how many of them actually succeeded. That'll give you some insight.

Hicken3431d ago

That makes too much sense, though. It's just like the articles proclaiming the Vita' sales indicated some sort of massive, dangerous drop-off, when even a small amount of legwork would show that it's been very similar for other Sony devices.

Slade3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

"In the world of iPads and Apple devices eating into mobile gaming, this would make the PS Vita a niche device."

are consoles niche devices?

Does everyone game on ipads?>


its the same bullshit doom and gloom every launch has


"the device could see a lack of support from game developers, which would all but doom the Vita just like its predecessor."

The psp was a failure? It sold more than the ps3, has the second best lineup of exclusives this gen with massive game support

it isnt a failure

Titanz3431d ago

Mass appeal is something that could benefit the Vita immensely, if they advertise it well.

moparful993431d ago

You're right mass appeal could do wonders for the vita but unfortunately a dedicated gaming console doesn't have mass appeal outside of japan. People like to clamour over the fact that iphones and droid phones are eating up the mobile gaming market and the only reason mobile gaming on smartphones is half as popular as it is is because of the phone itself.. Its easy to sell cheap bite sized games to people who have these devices on them 24/7.. Its easy to set down a handheld game console and walk away without a second thought. Phones are people's life lines and they are always on them.

tubers3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Is the dedicated gaming handheld console w/ the poor backwards compatibility, lesser software library, overall most expensive base system a niche device?

If that not is IDK what kind of weird exclusive meaning the word NICHE has anymore.

In regular use of terms I'd say the VITA's a niche.. the smallest in fact.

Everything is 99% subjective (amazing system and features for the price) and the only thing factual are numbers.. and the sales numbers so far are against the VITA.. that's a fact. (against competitors numbers)

Well, let's see what Sony's marketing does. I'm sure that has some potential to help the VITA get it's legs straight in the near future.

ceedubya93431d ago

This is a core gamer and tech junkie device. Because of this, I can see sales being initially low compared to its nearest competition, but just steady enough to maintain a place in the industry. If it can manage PSP type success over time, then I think that that would have to be considered a success, especially considering the ipad/iphone/droid dominated market we now live in the has ensnared casual gamers with cheap, pick up and play games.

It will be up to gamers like us to make sure that the Vita succeeds, at least initially. It is an exciting device with a lot to offer, and it will be getting my money.

Snookies123431d ago

Thank you for this well thought out comment, everything you said is so true. I will certainly be giving my support to the Vita. Sony really went all out with it, and you can tell. I do believe they deserve great sales with this thing, and I think they'll get it too.

moparful993431d ago

Right there with you, I am giving sony my support in more ways then one.. Not only am I purchasing a first edition bundle (which comes with a memory card people!!!) but I have also been telling people about it online and in my everyday life.. I have a co-worker interested in getting one so we can play together... Honestly I'm not worried about the vita, something this good is bound to succeed..

MasterCornholio3431d ago

True I view the Vita as a handheld worth buying because the hardware is great and the games are stellar. Which is why im buying one.


rexbolt3431d ago

no reason fo the sales to be low i dono why ppl r still buying ds lites :/

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