GameInformer Previews Burnout Paradise

GameInformer writes: "Burnout fans should get quite a treat next month when Burnout Paradise lands on Xbox 360 and PS3. In short, it's a complete re-envisioning of the series; a bold attempt to bring the Burnout series into the "new" generation. Sure, Burnout Revenge was the first Xbox 360 title for the series, but Paradise is the real deal".

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Korosuke4740d ago

-With the exception of a few minor issues, such as not having the option to replay races

what does this mean?
You have to go back to the start point if you want replay reces?

Zhuk4740d ago

every one who is a gamer should download the demo coming out this week

Kleptic4740d ago

sense when is Game Informer the same as Gamepro?...or am I an idiot, and they are the same?...if so, that is news to me...

kornbeaner4740d ago

GameInformer and GamePro are two different magazines from two different Publishing companies.

Cadence4740d ago

i got to tell ya but of all the racing cars game that i have play in my life this is the only one that had made me have so much fun.