Activision Halts Rock Band Patch

PlayStation 3 owners, TheFeed has some bad news for you. The hoped-for patch to make Guitar Hero 3 guitars compatible with Rock Band has been put on hold, maybe forever. The culprit appears to be Activision, publishers of Guitar Hero 3.

Check the article for more information.

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davez824739d ago

who needs guitar hero when you got rock band, nothing but a lose for craptivision.

americanGTA4739d ago

the 360 version worked outta the box, whats the matter then? r u guys 360 fanboys or somethin? Smucks.

EZCheez4739d ago

But I actually read that Activision and Red Octane were trying to get rid of compatibility with Rock Band on the 360.

Take my words with a grain of salt though.

Boink4739d ago


way to make people buy an extra guitar...

ruibing4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I don't get why PS3 owners aren't outraged at this news. The patch was developed and all ready to go in Sony's hands before Activision stepped in. We need to petition to Activision or something to get them to reverse their decisions.

I do not want to buy another Rock Band guitar, but I already have two GHIII ones for my PS3.

xplosneer4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

But now I'm more mad at neversoft because my Guitar for GH3 broke a day after the 30 day warranty. (I think the receiver is screwed, the light doesn't show half the time, and also the guitar buttons and strum don't register at random times, making battles impossible especially on expert.)

sa_nick, going to do that, doesn't make it any less mad at the product.

sa_nick4739d ago

E-mail EA support. Even though ur warrent is up they should still send you a new guitar.

EZCheez4739d ago

This pisses me off to no end!

Especially after I was told that it would be compatible until the night before it was released. And the whole thing about Activision saying "Well Rock Band guitars don't work that great anyway so why would we want to make it compatible with GH3?" Ooh, man. I can't post a link but the preident of Activision said something to that effect and it PISSED ME OFF.

AngelOFDeath4738d ago

his Guitar Hero 3 controller went dead, thats all on Activision, but looking at this they will probably screw this customer over just like they did future ones

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AngelOFDeath4739d ago

but Activision is retarded, it will have people BUY guitar hero 3, not even stop it, if anythin they are just preventing there sales from actually going up before the standalones come in what frickin IDIOTS

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