Warriors Orochi 3 Western Localization

"The Japanese Warriors Orochi 3 was just released, but Tecmo Koei did not mention about localizing the game in Western. Today Chin Soon Sun, the European community manager of Koei, has tweeted a message"

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-Mika-2466d ago

OMG yes. I can't wait. Port this to the vita plz

Brosy2465d ago

Japan can keep their japanese games for all I care. I'm not missing out on anything. How is it THQ is going bust, but a s***y developer like Koei is still around? The only eastern developer worth buying from in my opinion is FROM Software.

BatRastered2465d ago

I still like CAPCOM... at least for fighters.

OzzieArcane2463d ago

Because aside from Saints Row THQ mostly releases licensed garbage.

VTKC2465d ago

well thats a shame. I quite liked the previous games co-op with friends.

Andreas-Sword2465d ago

Warriors Orochi 3 = DAY 1 buy !!!!!

2461d ago