2007's Worst Boxarts

GamesRadar writes: "Designing a box for a game is tough. With one image, you need to stand out on the shelf, catch the eye of the casual consumer and convince them that your game is worth their money".

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MaximusPrime4361d ago

you are a worst fanboy i ever heard. you are related to theMART. Your added to my ignore list.

TheSadTruth4361d ago

Halo 3

looks like a 12 year old drew it (wouldn't be a surprise since that's 99% of their fanbase)

PL4Y BEY0nD!!!!

Blank10174360d ago

Maximus Prime, I agree with your sentiment but its "You're" not "Your"

MK_Red4361d ago

I agree with the article and believe Orange Box had a really terrible box art.
Nice find and lol at descriptions. + Touch Detective zooms.

unsunghero284361d ago

I kinda liked Orange Box's boxart. It looked kinda cheap, but it got the job done in a clean, simple-looking way.

Personally I think this is one of the worst video game articles I've ever read. Not one of these boxarts is that bad- or at least not in a very funny way. Kinda pointless.

THX71684361d ago

Wasn't that great but would you have preferred just an actual orange box (like the original concept art)?

Evilninja4361d ago

I would have bought it even if it'd had a big, hairy turd on the cover, but that's not what the author is saying. It doesn't matter if I like it or not - the sad fact is that there's nothing on that box that's eye-catching if you don't know anything about Half-Life. And that's a shame, because TOB is the best thing that's come out all year, and some people are going to overlook it completely because of the art.

ngg123454361d ago

so was attack of the bugs island.

davez824361d ago

I cant believe UR MR GAY wasn't added to the list

toughluck4361d ago

The Orange Box Photoshop is awesome. As well as the humorous use of zooms on the first page.

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The story is too old to be commented.