Critical Reception: Midway/Epic's Unreal Tournament 3

Despite being known primarily as a PC gaming franchise, critics feel that Unreal Tournament makes an effective leap to the PlayStation 3. If UT3's online support remains consistently strong, its many multiplayer modes and mod support could make it a favorite among FPS fans for some time to come.

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360sucks4740d ago

Unreal Tournament 3>Call Of Duty4
to much camping in cod4

SnakeCL4740d ago

They're different types of games.

Do you think that soldiers in real life bunny-hop around like madmen and always shoot from the hip? CoD4 is a very realistic model.

UT3 is a very stylized-twitch model. They both have their place, and neither type is better than the other. Play what you prefer.

INehalemEXI4740d ago

To broke to grab it atm (spent alot on X-mas gifts and bills). Almost traded some games for it , but I get it soon.

Vulcan Raven4740d ago

This is my favorite online shooter. I can't wait for the mods to start.

Rice4740d ago

Im one step closer to getting this game.
Who hear has the game?

Marceles4740d ago

I have it and it's DEFINITELY worth getting.

achira4740d ago

get it! its the best multiplayer game ever. better than cod4, better than warhawk, better than rainbow six.

Rice4740d ago

wow, even better then COD4, i thought COD4 was the god.

wangdiddy824740d ago

its freaking awesome dude.. Pick it up for sure. Its a great game to add to ur online collection of games like warhawk and cod4..

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The story is too old to be commented.