Top 8 Game Franchises that have been Milked to dryness

Developers and Publishers find different ways to exploit the winning formula laid down by successful game franchises, and milking them to dryness in the process of money making.

These are Quite possibly the Top 8 Game Franchises that have been Milked to dryness.

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geniusgamerdoc4085d ago

Nintendo's POKEMON, Activision's GUITAR HERO and COD, and Capcom's STREET FIGHTER franchises definitely deserve Spots in the Countdown.

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Fylus4085d ago

Ugh do I really have to be the one to say it?

Dynasty Warriors.

RaidensRising4085d ago

Street Fighter has been badly milked due to the length of time between current versions.

Play2Win4085d ago

I still don't understand why people actually like HALO for example. I mean, even CoD offers much more quality in their games every year.

myps44085d ago

Call Of Duty and QUALITY should never be used in a Single Sentence.

Play2Win4085d ago

CoD4 belongs to the best games I've ever played. CoD 1 and 2 were amazing on PC. MW2 and MW3 didn't exactly match them but they're are still pretty good games (on PC). For me it is quality.

JackStraw2508d ago

Funny since they're consistently among the best-selling games yearly. Dumb pseudogamer trying to discredit a QUALITY franchise. Kill yourself, please.

LoLZoRz4085d ago

they included Final Fantasy and not Mario?

every major FF has not been worse than good and each differs enough.

Der_Kommandant4085d ago

All Activision and Capcom games

geniusgamerdoc4085d ago

Absolutely right.

Nintendo Milks the characters and not the franchises!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.