NFL Blitz Review - Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming

Bits 'n' Bytes writes: "The Blitz series has had a bit of an odd history. Starting in 1997 as a bit of a novelty game to act as a counterpart to Midway’s NBA Jam, the first run of Blitz games were a bit of a mess. Then, with Blitz 99, Midway refined the game, extracted all of the fun elements, did away with all of its issues, added a bit of competitive potential, and created a game that would later become a staple in the arcade sports genre. The franchise continued, maintaining more or less what made the 1999 iteration of the series so fun, until 2005, when Midway lost the ability to use licensed NFL teams in their games. Two mediocre, hyper violent games, and one company bankruptcy later and the Blitz franchise falls into the hands of EA sports, and once again has the ability to feature licensed NFL teams."

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