Gamers Association - Jurassic Park: The Game

When I first heard about Jurassic Park: The Game being developed from Telltale Games, I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to play. Since I have seen every Jurassic Park movie that has come out and have been a long time fan of them, I had no doubts that this game would be just as good. Unfortunately, Jurassic Park: The Game hasn’t quite lived up to my expectations. The game sort of reminds me of an interactive story book with the way the game is designed. You have to push the buttons while matching it to the reaction test, which is similar to the system they use in Back to the Future game.

Jurassic Park: The Game takes place during the middle of the first Jurassic Park movie on Isla Nublar. It is almost like a parallel story to the movie when looking at it from our point, it is the untold events. The story starts around the events where the dinosaur embryos hidden in a fake shaving cream can were stolen by the IT guy known as Dennis Nedry.

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