The 10 Best Games To Play While Wasted

Invite 20 of your friends, break out the booze, hook up the consoles, and prepare to get plastered!
But first, check out Complex Magazine's list of the 10 games you should be playing while doing all of those other things.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

My favs in no particular order...

COD (any)
BF 3
Forza 3/4
Red Dead
Mario Party
Kinect Sports

Uhm, and then? NO MORE AND THEN!

Ya, the list could go on, and on, and on. Oh, and playing that game, "Guess what's in your mouth" with the ladies while wasted is always fun too. ;)

@blackdeath... Naw, I'm not an angry drunk, and I still play pretty much as good as I do when sober. 1.2 K/D... anyways. I like COD while drinking, because of the friends on my friends list. We all bust open a six pack or something, and start a night of playing. The joking and all that makes for a good time.

But I do see what you're saying though. I'm sure some would be hitting their dogs while playing and drinking during some COD. lol.

Blackdeath_6634083d ago

Call of duty is the worst game to play while wasted youd probably get soo pissed off at campers youll end up smashing your tv.

i think any wii game or ps move game would be fun while wasted cus youll forget just how shit wii sports is and start flinging the wii mote all over tha place. any motion sensing party games could work well while drunk. first person shooters is the worst thing to play while drunk imo

bergoo4083d ago

Just had a party in my apartment, too cold outside to play beer pong. Friends says theres a beer pong wiiware game.
Had a 3 case beer pong tournament with wiimotes...LOL

ShabbaRanks4083d ago

Ever tried playing GTAIV realllly drunk while Niko is also drunked out ?... Funny shit XD

Brownghost4083d ago

I have a friend whos better at shooters when he's high. Also I remember playing counter strike on new years eve and half of the team was drunk