Why Christmas belongs to the Xbox 360 Arcade

MyGEN takes a look at the state of Xbox 360 hardware skus, crunches the numbers, and tells you how you can get the most from your money this Christmas season.

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Wytche5067d ago

Not sure if the prices work out about the same in the UK but at least it gives something to base my calculations on if I decide to buy an Xbox in the near future.

gamesblow5067d ago

Anyone who buys an xbox 360 without an hdd is an idiot. Plain and simple... Anyone who buys an elite over the ps3 is an idiot. Anyone who buys a wii over the xbox 360 or ps3 is an idiot. so, really, it all breaks down to this... A ps3 or a premium xbox 360. Those are the only 2 systems people need to concern themselves with.

It'll move the industry forward... The more people with hdd's in their xbox 360 the less gamers get porked over by developers and the less ps3 owners get scrwed too.

SlippyMadFrog5067d ago

"Anyone who buys an elite over the ps3 is an idiot"

Wow, that is textbook fanboyism, nice going. Remember that not everyone devotes their whole lives to following Sony like you do. Some people will choose an Elite because of the great games library and 120 Gig for downloading movies from the XBL movie market place.
The arcade sku is also great fun at a great price and you can still play 100% of the Xbox360's great games library.
Us hardcore gamers only takes up a small percentage of the gaming market, a lot of the fanatics on this site seems to forget that fact.

Saint Sony5067d ago (Edited 5067d ago )

Anyone who wants to play this Christmas buys 360. As simple as that.

shrimpboat5067d ago

After 2007 no one wants a 360. They better try to get them out the door while they can.

360_Rules5067d ago

Like Halo Wars, Fable 2, Alan Wake, Banjo Three, and NG2. :D

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titntin5067d ago

If you actually read the article - they are telling you that you absolutely need a hard drive. The prices they go on to suggest include most of the extras you need for a decent 360 rig, except the wifi that the majority of people will require, and the play and charge packs that are necessary for the controllers. Adding all the extra's together you find the arcade pack + all extras is cheaper.
It nice to see people actually considering the extras required even if they miss two important ones.

Of course, it does make interesting comparisons with the PS3 price, that needs hardly any extras at all (except an HDMI cable), but its an Xbox 360 site, so I wouldn't expect them to be considering this and it conclusions are valid! :)

power of Green 5067d ago

"but its an Xbox 360 site, so I wouldn't expect them to be considering this and it conclusions are valid! :)"

It would be foolish of them to go to the fanboy extream you're going to from a PS3 fan point of view at that.

No one buys consoles based on the points you're trying to get across when it comes to picking brands. These guys are just trying to give a friendly tip to consumers that are already going to buy the console anyways.

MSFT made the right choice giving it! I don't think your fanboy opinions are reflective on the in your face bargon consumer(people buy whats cheaper and worry about other things later they're just happy they can get it).

Most Xbox gamers hate WIFI...

titntin5067d ago

Wow - you really do post utter trolling nonsense!

I love and play my 360 as much, if not more than my PS3! To accuse anything I've written as being from a fanboys perspective is utterly pathetic and shows quite clearly how warpped your reasoning is and how utterly childish you behave.

Do your self a favour and read the actual article. The whole point of the article was to compare the price of the machines with all the extras included - but you simply didn't bother to read it did you? You just went charging in trying to create another argument like you always do. Pathetic.

macsto5067d ago

this is NOT an xbox 360 site, there is a PS3 section there too.

GodsHand5066d ago (Edited 5066d ago )

I would too, if I had to pay $100 for the adapter.

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power of Green 5067d ago (Edited 5067d ago )

WTF does gamers wanting an xbox have to do with the PS3?.

"Anybody that buys an Elite over a PS3 is an idiot" ??????.

WTF does that even mean? I thought the post was about consumers needing to know how to get the most bang for their buck after deciding they wan't to get a Xbox.(not for what cables come in the box but for service and lineups lol).

"A consumer wanting a Wii over a 360 is an idiot"

???? as if everybody wants or should have a 360 sku of any kind over a Wii because what comes in the box. The people buying these consoles wan't them because of hype and games. lol

Not to be mean or anything but Sony fanboy opinions don't really matter people don't reall care(not talking to you if you're actually intrested in the xbox console).

shrimpboat5067d ago

If you buy a 360 Arcade you will get a Bang alright. A big red circular Bang when it overheats.

titntin5067d ago

You need to chill mate!

Unfortunately, 'bot' and 'fan' posts are becoming inevitable on this site, and theres no point in letting them get you worked up. You've been guilty of making several yourself... :)

As for looking at 'what cables come in box', it's an extremely valid point to look at the real cost of a console if you want to choose it based on value!

..and finally, I'm afraid an article claiming that 'christmas belongs to the xbox360 arcade' was always going to attract some trolls, and the headline seems to be almost designed to do so. It might have been better to title it 'why the arcade pack is the best value 360 this Xmas'. Might have saved some of the trolling thats likely to happen! <takes cover> :)

shrimpboat5067d ago

90% of the articles on here have misleading titles to intentionally start fanboy ranting. Im just doing my part. Actually I love all three of the consoles but the 360's hardware has been a problem for many people. The PS3 is the Superior console and that is why I stand by it. If the PS3 let me down I would diss it the same way as I diss the 360. I like Games and if Im treated right I will give you good publicity. If I buy a console and have to send it back 5 times then its not me that has a problem, its the Hardware.

360_Rules5067d ago

New 360s use the 65nm chip. So nice try though. LOL

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Zhuk5067d ago

I have bought another 360 for christmas actually and it's an Arcade, for the living room for my dad. I think the Arcade is great value for money, certainly much better than the old Core, i'll eventually shove a 20gb hard drive on it when I update my 360 to 120gb hdd

rofldings5067d ago

Enjoy paying microshaft prices. I'll be upgrading my PS3 to a 250gb for the same price.

Freedom = win.

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