Bill Gates is better than Batman

One of the most common known facts about Bill Gates is that, he is, mostly, responsible for making personal computers accessible to millions around the world with the Windows operating system. It has had an affect on nearly every field, benefiting education, management, marketing, science, technology, and heck, even gaming.

Bill Gates is also known for his philanthropy, however very few people actually know, or care, that his work in the field has affected, and saved so many lives, that it is an achievement far and beyond everything he has ever done.

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Lord_Sloth2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

This isn't really gaming news.

Legion2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Well you are correct in the same way that an industry person doing something is not game news.

He is the founder of the Xbox 360 and so basically anything related to him will get some form of gaming news attached to it.

No different then Steve Jobs news being related to Apple even though it might have had little to do with the company.

Or even for that matter when we hear about certain game creators that get hit up with sexual assault charges, somehow it becomes gaming news.

Bill Gates is a part of Xbox 360... so his name gets breathed from the lips of babes and it becomes Xbox related.

We learn to deal with it...

As for the article... I was familiar with most of his endeavors but some of those were news to me. Batman is nothing compared to Bruce Wayne though... now that man has done a lot for Gotham.

kaveti66162651d ago

Bill Gates did not found the Xbox 360. Allard did it, I think.

Lord_Sloth2651d ago

No. His COMPANY founded the XBox 360, not Gates himself. That's like saying Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita made the Playstation.

Legion2651d ago

I didn't say he made the Xbox 360... he was in charge of the company that founded the Xbox 360 (Microsoft), thus I gave him the moniker of founder.

As for Allard, I would have referenced Bach instead of Allard in that point as he is the one that eventually brought Allard onto the team. Allard "...wasn’t the first on the project; and Xbox itself had many different fathers who made critical contributions." Though many have been monikered with founder none can dispute the owner of Microsoft as the one that gave the go ahead for the Xbox to be able to make it to market.

But again even the creators of the Xbox were all brought in by Microsoft on the project to create a console to compete with the PS2. Microsoft is the founder of Xbox and Bill Gates IS (was?) Microsoft.

tacomonster2651d ago

Bill gates saved people with drugs and medicine. Batman saves people from being killed in a violent way. Being murdered in an alley seems pretty bad.

Legion2651d ago

Being murdered by neglect with a slow torturous diseased life seems pretty bad to me also.

360ICE2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

All rich people in the US do charity... Just saying. If not the far-liberals and hippies label you as an evil corperation. Hippies are of course not actually consumers anyway, so companies like WalMart take little effect from this.

Anyway, Bill is probably a god guy.

kaveti66162651d ago

Some rich people do the bare minimum of charity work just to avoid paying taxes. Some establish foundations so they can launder their money to avoid paying taxes. All corporations give a bit to charity to maintain a good public image and they make damn sure that everyone knows about it.

Bill Gates is going to donate more than 50 percent of his net worth to help people in countries throughout the world and has encouraged many other very wealthy people to do the same. He's not doing the bare minimum, he's not trying to avoid taxes.

There's a very big difference between people who donate some dough to avoid taxes and people who donate a ton of dough to help people.

Intentions do matter.

360ICE2650d ago

I'm not arguing with you :)

urwifeminder2651d ago

He was just in australia asking millionares to put up cash for child immunisation in third world countries since he got married he has done some really good things with his cash.

kikizoo2651d ago

Not so much

and it's just a part of the dark side of the foundation.

Legion2651d ago

Dark side? Just another article that hates on anything that is associated with big business. Gates foundation obviously knows they need the current capabilities to do the best they can for the people of the world. It is very little difference to how Gates is demonized for his affiliation with Microsoft. Some people just find the worst in every thing people do.

Venjense2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

He has probably still helped more people that the entire N4G user base every will, and more importantly, ever even try/care to help.

He tries to make the world a better place, most of us just play games and troll/insult strangers behind the safety of the internet..