Tips for securing your Xbox Live account

Destructoid writes "Lately, we've been hearing stories of an increasingly alarming Xbox Live hacking issue, and the lack of care and concern that Microsoft has exhibited in some cases. Sure, just being hacked is beyond inconvenient, but users also risk losing access to their accounts for extended periods and the horrible possibility of having to speak with Xbox support. Yikes.

In light of all of these issues, I thought it would be a good idea to share some security tips. Read on to learn the best ways to avoid having to put yourself through a Microsoft nightmare."

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xPhearR3dx3565d ago

Tip 1: Don't EVER give ANYONE your email and password associated with your XBL account.
Tip 2: Don't EVER enter your email and password anywhere besides

End of tips.

It's mostly common sense. You shouldn't have to worry about your CC information on ANY service. XBL, PSN, Paypal, Amazon, etc. If you use common sense, you'll never have to worry. Unless we have another "PSN" hack. Which isn't something that happens every year.

gamingdroid3565d ago


People do the stupidest things even after you tell them not too. It's like you didn't tell them....

dark-hollow3565d ago

i know its convenient for you, but 123456 isnt a password!

here is the most common passwords from all the info lulzsec have stolen (the bigger means most used)