Stop It, You’ll Ruin Everything

Joseph of - "Once you’ve gotten hold of a good game there is always one thing you are liable to hope…

That the game will never end."

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Coke-a-Cola3180d ago

Did I just read this .... ???

Did someone write this ???

This person is waiting for the entire world to hold his hand and tell him precisely how much
sugar he wants in his coffee .

Come on ...... a publisher makes a game so good you play it to death this is as good as it will ever get .

Did I comment on this ???

GuruStarr783180d ago

I understand what the writer is saying and I applaud him for having the balls to say it..

rhap3180d ago

lol this writer is dumb. someone show him that 99% of the games around got 0 replay value and he should stick to them, let the 1% alone

Alos883180d ago

Surely you growing bored with a game is more of a personal thing rather than the games fault itself?