Why PC Gamers Are So Passionate About Their Mods

MP1st - Why modtools are so important to the PC gaming community and why developers should listen.

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Trainz2656d ago ShowReplies(1)
Lelldorianx2656d ago

I find it horrifying that anyone needs to have this topic explained to them.

ShinMaster2656d ago

Because it's the only thing that separates them from console gaming?

trenso2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I find it horrifying that you think some people don't need this explained to them. Not everyone is aware is about mod tools and this explains it why its important.

Pikajew2656d ago

because they are great.

Ravens202656d ago

Cause they're nerds that whine and bitch about everything. Its that simple. No article needed

h311rais3r2656d ago

No we prefer to play games the way we want and not be spoon fed by devs. Example. Skyrim is way to easy. So I installed the realistic combat mod making damage higher so now I die in 1-2 hits and so do enemies. Another one? Fixing what devs decide not to. How many times have u played a game and wanted something to look deferent or play different? That's why we love mods. U ignoramus.

Pushagree2656d ago

I dont care how pasionate you are for mods. Nude skins are creepy and unnecessary. Porn and games just dont go together.

limewax2656d ago

If you don't want them you don't download them? I don't and I don't let the fact they exist bother me.

But surely if said game has violence then a boob is harmless. Take Skyrim, with mods you get boob, but it doesn't take a mod to feast on an innocent in their sleep does it

Zha1tan2656d ago

Because look at the amount of great games that have stemmed from mods.

Mods im convinced are one of the cornerstones of innovation in gaming and have made so many game series it is hard to count.

h311rais3r2656d ago

Many modded get hired by devs too.

Criminal2656d ago

Exactly, just imagine an FPS MP world without Counter Strike.

pr0digyZA2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

There is some great people who have yet to be discovered, this is a great way to show their talent in a way that can be very economical.

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The story is too old to be commented.