Battlefield 3 – Sweet Revenge

MP1st - In today’s video, YouTuber codyc61 finds himself at the mercy of a chopper pilot on the opposing team as he “camps” the jet’s spawn. When all hope seems lost, codyc61 takes things into his own hands and turns the tide of battle. In his own words: “Oh so you want to exploit an in-game mechanic for easy kills? Well, I’ll exploit another one.”

Wait until around 1:00 mark for some sweet revenge!

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Lelldorianx2654d ago

I believe the "trollolololol" music is appropriate here...

bwazy2654d ago

It would have been so easy to simply spawn and then RPG him...

finbars752654d ago

I disagree a little and see your point but I love how he switches teams to prove a point.Good on you buddy.To many idiots on the MP like the guy in the chopper who will do anyhting for easy points because he probally cant do it any other way.

SITH2654d ago


Exactly. He could have simply ran from the ground spawn point, up the mountain and stuck c-4 to the helicopter for a heck of a kill. Swapping sides dumps your point progress.

DEATHSTROKE-cro-2654d ago

I think he can only spawn in plane at this spot on the map. This is not the base. Just plane spawn point.

TronEOL2654d ago

But if he went and did something like that it wouldn't have been funny.

Cosmit2654d ago

No he couldn't actually. That spot is designated only for the jet. And it wouldn't be funny anyways.

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acemonkey2653d ago

lol Revenge is the sweets joy next to u know the rest.....

killing team mates is not right lol only sometimes