Are We Spoiling Games For Ourselves?

360 Magazine: Hitman Absolution director says, "It’s a different world now than when Blood Money came out."

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Dailynch4565d ago

I totally spoil games for myself. Really need to limit how many previews and reviews I read before buying as I'm left with very few surprises. That said, I prefer to make an informed choice before I buy.

h311rais3r4565d ago

We also spoil our games because of a high demand for sequels which ruins franchises. Not mentioning any cuz I ain't wanna start no war.

LoLZoRz4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

when i'm about to buy a game I really want, I read, follow and watch almost everything. I can't help it.

but that's only for games that I REALLY want, for now - those are: SSX, FF Versus XIII, WipEout 2048 and Sly 4.

Nate-Dog4565d ago

I think in general yeah we do. Even trailers these days tend to be numerous in quantity for games and can reveal quite a lot about a game (including story I mean). I like to keep up to date with games I'm looking forward to but there is always a line I will draw and with story-based titles such as Mass Effect 3 I stop looking for info early.

But there's just so much of it available at our fingertips before a game is out sometimes it can be hard to avoid it.

LightofDarkness4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

Nah, I rarely spoil anything for myself if it's a game I'm very interested in. The only games I read or watch reviews for are games that I know little about and I'm unsure about buying them.

Although I have been stung; I bought RAGE on the observation that id Software have never released a sucky game and yet here I am, -€45 for a game that I played for about 2-3 hours.

I guess it really comes down to your finances. Games go for a lot of coin these days (of which most people have a lot less), and people really would like to know if they're going to get their money's worth before they commit.

MilkMan4565d ago

The short answer is yes, we DO read and watch way to much on games overall, however it is better to make an informed decision about a purchase before laying down hard earned cash.
I would say learn what you need to about a game until you are satisfied that you will either buy or not buy the game then keep it moving. Leave a little for surprise. I mean whats the point of playing if you know EVERYTHING all ready.

Also what irks me the most is that gamers will use what little they see as the basis to formulate opinions and start spreading crap all over the internet about why a game will suck or fail, or why a game will be hot without EVER playing 1 second of it or have laid down their cash either.

In relation to the article:
Our attention span is sh*t.
and yes you can make a direct correlation to games like COD.
You cant have successful, long, intricate games in today's market place. People want to get in, and get out. Shoot stuff and what pretty explosions.
The fact that Skyrim sold as good as it it probably has all the number cruncher's scratching their heads. Including Bethesda.

I for one don't have the same level of enjoyment with a FPS that I do with and RPG, but that's just me. Obviously I am in the minority.

And IO Interactive needs to be more realistic. The every Hitman game after their first one has been a dog. With little to no changes to the formula. Lets not kid ourselves.

They should be singing Square-Enix praises for allowing them the lee-way to produce another Hitman, a series I had taken out to pasture a long time ago.


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QuantumMechanic484d ago (Edited 484d ago )

You mean destroyed it with this tethered single-player campaign BS... And only the first few levels of the third modern game were on the disc! I'll never support this crap at any price-point! They've lost me as a customer.


Reflecting on 10 Years of Hitman With Agent 47 & Diana Burnwood's Actors

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ToddlerBrain825d ago

Hitman is, and has been, a remarkable series developed by some of the best. Some are better than others, but every Hitman is challenging and fun.

Sure, there have been some stumbles and fumbles, but always in pursuit of the perfect Hitman game. The most recent trilogy is a masterclass in level design.


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