Assassins Creed Character Control Info.

The nice chaps at Ubisoft have released some new info on the character control which will be present in the upcoming title Assassins Creed. Find out what is at 360Monster...

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Marriot VP5855d ago

So uhhh, I hate to be the one to say anything like this but are we gonna actually see some gameplay sometime soon.

It's just hard for me to get excited over cgi, or ingame engine movies/cutscenes.

zypher5855d ago

but in this case its a bit easier for me to get excited about Assassins Creed (which, from what i've heard, has only been showing in-game realtime renderings every since E306). simply because Ubisoft has never let me down with their games. Splinter Cell, PoP, GRAW have ALL delivered. there are relatively few developers who ALWAYS live up to their hype. along with Insomniac, Team Ninja, Konami, and a few others, Ubisoft is DEFINATELY one of them.

Marriot VP5854d ago

dangit zypher, LIKE I DON'T KNOW THAT. I'm sure it'll be a AAA title but what they showed was either CGI or cutscene(ex. mgs4).

I can't believe you'd think it was gameplay. See this is the same as MGS4, in that it's ingame engine cutscene, NOT EXACTLY what you'll see on the TV.

zypher5854d ago

you may or may not know that this is ingame stuff: thats really beside the point. what i was trying to say is that Ubisoft has never let its gamers down. so why doubt them, especially after the games i mentioned above?

pRo loGic II5854d ago

When are they going to show some ingame movies and pics. I don't get hyped up over CGI nevermind UBI's rep, NEED TO SEE GAME IN REAL TIME ACTION.

zypher5854d ago

Bungie hasn't shown any gameplay of Halo 3. but i'm qutie sure that hasn't kept you or paul cerula from getting excited about it, has it?

Marriot VP5854d ago

HAH, actually zypher what Bungie showed was real gameplay. A spectator view of what it will look like. And here's I know.

Their first trailer at e3, they said they had the ability to zoom in and around the whole map. Now of course people were skeptical. And guess what they released next, the making of trailer. Where it showed masterchief walking from like 4 different angles at different distances. It zoomed into the vehicles and other stuff. See in cutscene you can't do that, it's like a movie but still using your engine.

THAT WAS GAMEPLAY, not cutscene. Unlike AC and MGS4.

zypher5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Konami did the same thing with MGS4 last year. they paused the game, zoomed in and out on the character, manipulated the lighting etc. MGS always uses ingame assets for its cutscenes. if you've ever played any of them, you'll notice that the difference between the cut-scenes and the gameplay is indistinguishable. its no different with Halo 3, nor with Assassins Creed.

pRo loGic II5854d ago

I'v never played Halo 2 EVER!!! but yes i'm going to give cheif a try this time around. Halo 3 is about half way down my must have list. The 360 has tons of games on the way in-case you haven't noticed.

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Marriot VP5854d ago

Do you have a link to that. Also I liked how you just threw in AC even though they never did that.

jib5854d ago

i'm not as hyped with this game as everyone else. for all i know, it probably plays like prince of persia(im not a big fan of it). i wanna see gameplay videos as well.

silent ninja5854d ago

the only reason i might get this game is b/c its made by the team that brought prince of persia which is one of my favorite game of all time on my list.

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