Amazing current gen Just Cause pics- too good to be true?

After yesterday's Xbox 360 images of Just Cause and requests of current-gen version images, here are around 100 images from the PS2 and Xbox versions of Just Cause. It looks simply amazing, the PS2 one is just ... wow.

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specialguest5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

ok the xbox-1 version looks really good and it's not a surpise, but who would have thought the PS2 version could even display graphics like that too? hmm...and it's not even April 1st.

Bill Nye5863d ago

Wow. 'PS2' is even in the introduction and yet the story is only tagged with 'Xbox 360' and 'Xbox'.

Chewy 1015863d ago

Those PS2 shots arent true. Go to and watch a gameplay vid to see the real textures and draw distance.

kmis875863d ago

Yeah I'd have to agree with you. The ps2 videos on ign look pretty crappy, and they're only from 3 days ago.

ASTAROTH5863d ago

I believe that the PS2 and XBOX are more than capable for this kind of graphics. There are much more to squezze from current gen. Specially the XBOX. IT WAS A GREAT CONSOLE!! A COMPLETE PACKAGE!!! To bad Microsoft dont let it live for more than 4 years. I hope I enjoy my 360 for more than that. DAMMM!!!!