Naruto Videogames Ship 10 Million Units Worldwide

Namco Bandai Games has today announced that the Naruto videogame franchise has shipped 10 million copies worldwide since the launch of the first game in 2003. Namco Bandai Games began releasing Naruto videogames in March 2003 and has published a total of 15 titles to date across multiple platforms.

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RedDead3405d ago

He must be talking about his own games right? CC2's ultimate ninja(storm for this gen) series

Baka-akaB3404d ago

Er yeah , what's the gamecube , gbza/ds or wii games doing in the listing ?

Bandai namco is only behind the good naruto games :p . BAsically the ps2 ps3 narutimate/ultimate ninja (now on 360 too of course)series , or the psp games

lizard812883404d ago

I heard those games are going downhill. Atleast the CoN games. I wish they brought CoN4 over, since that one is the best, but they didn't. Instead we got an American adaption