Wii Bleach

Sega's Wii support will debut with Monkey Ball, but close on its heals, in Japan at least, will be Bleach Wii. Fully titled Bleach Wii Shiraha Kirameku Rondo, the anime to Wii conversion will hit Japan in December.

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Asuka5860d ago

Bleach is my favorite anime! I'll pick this one up lol.

Asylumchild5860d ago

Enyone hear enything about the mic or enything abotu the online?

Urameshi5859d ago

I'm definitely gonna be picking up this game. Just recently started watching Bleach on Adult Swim and I'm loving it so far. O.o

ChaosKnight5859d ago

Now that Bleach has been licensed I seriously hope Sega brings this to North America! Since Bleach is my 2nd favorite anime (school rumble being first ;)) This would be the only reason I need to buy a Wii