PSA: Do not buy AMY today

Rare is the occasion where I feel I have to "spoil" my review before it goes live, but I feel it's my civic duty to warn you not to buy AMY on Xbox Live today. Despite very promising trailers and details, it turns out that AMY is already a shoe-in for the worst game of the year.

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Jake_the_Dog3576d ago

Well that sucks, this game looked to be very promising.

fooxy3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

"looked" and that's about it.Simply its a waste of money unless you like doing tedious puzzles combined with clunky controls

Kran3576d ago

Hopefully people can be taught a lesson in terms of game that "look" promising.

And I am referring to one specific game which people just won't stop talking about on N4G ¬¬

I mean I too am looking forward to this game but not to the extent as some people do.

Angrymorgan3576d ago


Your thinking of "THE LAST OF US" ??

ReservoirDog3163576d ago

@ kran

Well there's a difference from being cautious and being cynical.

I just hope for the best. If it's not great, well, that sucks. If good, then yay.

Bioshocking3576d ago

We are not even 2 weeks into the new year... and we already have a candidate for worst game of the year.....

Just wow

Bioshocking3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )


Are you talking about Bioshock Infinte?
The Last of Us?
Halo 4?
Mass Effect 3?
Skyrim on PS3... with that patch?
Call of Duty: Iron Wolf?
Hello kitty Island Adventures 5: The curse of Doggy Island?

Jesus.... If you are going to complain.. might as well come out and say what you need to and face those dislikes like a man. Rather than doing ¬¬.

Also there is a difference between those games and Amy.

Those games are being made by dev's gamers know very well and have invested a lot of trust into. ( well maybe not the ones making COD)

Amy? A game developed by Vectorcell an indie studio... and a game that no one saw any real gameplay for....

So yeah that is the difference between them.

And lets face it... we all know you are scared to say the game you are complaining about is The Last of Us.

There is a reason people are excited.... I mean it is Naughty Dog... one of the most respectable dev's this gen, I even dare say of all time.

People can disagree with the statement I made... I mean they have the right

People have the right to disagree with your opinion... well if they disagree. Don't be scared... just don't act like a turd constantly bashing on a game (not accusing you, talking about trolls). Then people just hate you and will call you a troll

Just keep it classy.

Honestly I never heard of Amy until that article of it being more expensive on the PS3. And lets face it.. The Last of Us will probably show more gameplay than Amy.

I mean... I never heard of this game.... till this week

And... this is Jim Sterling.... the man that gave Deadly Premonitions a perfect 10.

Guy has a strange taste in games... also might be the most hated destructoid writter.

So yeah... on point...

Don't be afraid of disagrees..

Just don't troll... or else the holy fires of the internet linch mob will burn you to a crisp.


suicidalblues3576d ago

Holy crap bioshocking! That was some impressive writing.

ThichQuangDuck3576d ago

It is funny because PS3 got this delayed a week to fix the pricing and once reviews are out no one will get it. Silent Hill looks much better

Acquiescence3576d ago

Downpour and The HD Collection will deliver the psychological scares this abomination has failed to achieve, I'm sure.

Book of Memories not so much.

Soldierone3576d ago

Yeah, glad they didn't release it. I spent my money elsewhere thankfully.

poor business decision + bad reviews = well hope the sequel is better....

DeeZee3576d ago

Too late Jim, the reviews already told us this. Just look at all the 1, 2, and 4's. Sigh, the game looked like it had potential.

Les-Grossman3576d ago

This game will be forgotten by the end of this year to be nominated for worst game of the year

KingSlayer3576d ago

Shame. Silent Hill, Siren, RE and Dead Space it is.

Brownghost3576d ago

when has dead space been survival horror??????

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