Blu-ray wins first battle, HD DVD to win war? writes:

"Like any election candidate, the HD DVD Promotion Group is adept at claiming victory even in the midst of defeat - why else would it be trying so hard to spin the results of a survey among HD buyers in the US?.

In a nutshell, HD DVD failed to win the hearts, minds and wallets of US early adopters - the people who snap up new technology when it's at its newest and most expensive. HD DVD is now banking on an early second wave of 'HDTV intenders' to push it ahead of arch-rival Blu-ray Disc."

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Multigamer4974d ago

all rests on what warner bros does in jan, which side they will chose will decide the format war

BrianC62344974d ago

This is what's wrong with the Web and with people who don't know what they're talking about. This guy is just spreading lies made by another group. That study was most likely paid for by Toshiba or someone pushing HD DVD. Too bad there isn't a law that says you have to list who paid for your study. This is why you can't trust research. It always ends up making the customer look best.

sak5004974d ago

Here comes the SDF and its croonies reporting this story as fake/lame/old/unethical etc. Approve it to counter the idiot post of BD winning the war.

HarryEtTubMan4974d ago

You guys are delusional... you act like they aren't dropping Blu Ray prices(a sam sung player is now just 299$) and as long as the PS3 is here(which will be another 10 years) BLu ray will win. They own over 90% of Japan, over 75% OF Europe and they have beaten HD DVD in the U.S. on a weekly basis since release. haha. Keep dreaming its NEVER gonna happen.

DeadIIIRed4974d ago

This is getting really lame now. Even though there is some fight left in the HDDVD camp, it is kinda over now. Hell its been over for a while now.

ruibing4974d ago

You know the whole reason why there is such a defense force is because all the competitor fans are more like an assault force. I don't know if there's a manual or manifesto for spreading FUD included with every purchase of a 360, but you guys honestly can't stop yourselves from bashing Sony and the PS3 even if your lives depended on it.

predator4974d ago

as multigamer says, warner will decide the war, but either way im happy as i have a ps3 and hd-dvd player.

SDFm3rc4974d ago (Edited 4974d ago )

I really hope Sony can at least get something out of this war, because right now, it's just not a good look!

It's as if they're being pinned down with surpressive fire from both Nintendo and Microsoft at the moment (like a Barret.50cal Sniper rife), with no sign of ammunition running out from either.

As a Sony fan, I feel really concerned for my team. All of the so called AAA games have failed terribly, the PSN just hasn't lived up to expectations and now it seems as if SOny are gonna struggle to even win this pointless Blu-ray HD DVD war.

FFS Sony, why didn't you guys just concentrate on delivering the best games possible instead of gimping the machine with the cell, just so it was capable of Blu-ray playback?

MOST people don't even give a fvck about Blu-ray FFS!

Kururo4974d ago

what do you want sony to do? go back in technology and NOT use the cell processor? stop using blu-ray and switch back to dvd?

mgs4 will be on a 50gb dual layered blu-ray disc.
would you rather have it on 5 9gb dvds? I for one would not.

Fighter4974d ago

Mass Effect had to take a lot out to fit the 8.5 GB disc. Sony thought ahead of the game and issued a disc worth 50GB right now with a prototype of 100GB already somewhat ready and would only require a firmware update. If you want games to look good in full HD 1080P with 7.1 surround then you need Blu-ray because DVD will not do for this generation of gaming. keep in mind that we are still early in this gen and the bigger and better games are still to come.

Isn't Lost Odyssey in 5 discs?

crank4974d ago

Uninformed poster, possibly a troll, stick tie and burn, NEXT

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Fighter4974d ago

Blu-ray has a bigger and much better library of movie titles that consumers will want.

v1c1ous4974d ago

hd-dvd is making strides to at least not die without dignity.

if they keep on making the sacrifices they are now, they could hit a nerve with the average US consumer.

it's too late to win japan, but the US can support HD-DVD, and they can at least get some decent EU numbers.

SDFm3rc4974d ago


There's absolutely nothing wrong with HD DVD at all. In fact I'm frequently told that HD DVD posses the higher PQ and has considerably less grain than Blu-ray.

I can actually forsee quite a problem for Sony. I'm sure that they pretty much expected the masses to adopt the format much quicker than what has so far transpired. If HD DVD stand alone sales start to surge, there could yet be an up heavel in this HD format war.

I just hope and pray Sony knows what they're doing, because past format wars suggest not.

crank4974d ago

You two, yeah, you two above:

kill yourselves

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