U.S. PlayStation Store Update - Jan 10

PlayStation Blog's Grace Chen writes "It’s a release of great new content on PlayStation Store, including new games and some amazing first looks at some of 2012’s most anticipated titles!"

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GraveLord2477d ago

BRB downloading FF XIII-2 demo :D

metsgaming2477d ago

i dont like those types of games but i will still try the demo. Nothing better than a demo to get people to try new genres.

miyamoto2477d ago

Armored Core V demo is coming on Jan 21 & 22!

Spitfire_Riggz2477d ago

Dammnit we need an NFL Blitz demo

D3mons0ul2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

Come on man, FF origins? Give us Suikoden 2 already.

And bushido blade 1 and 2 dammit.

ChozenWoan2477d ago

Bushido Blade was one of the best fighter games of all time... so many people still sleeping on this beast.

D3mons0ul2477d ago

It's criminal that we're still waiting for it.

I mean, there's at least 10 other PSN classics that are easily more desired than fucking FF origins. You can get the best versions of both of these games on PSP anyway.

Smashbro292477d ago

Needs more free stuff for Plus.

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