New Small Arms Gameplay Footage

Small Arms is an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game that offer intense 4-player action featuring colorful characters battling to the death in wacky environments, including a moving train, and even inside a tornado!

It boasts excellent character animation, tons of particle effects in the form of smoke, fire, and exploding metal parts, and at any one time the screen is bursting with mini-battles, power-grabs for weapons, multiple deaths and characters falling to their deaths.

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BIadestarX5862d ago

with the exception of price. This game may cost $10-$15 and play over xbox live.
Smash brothers will be like $49.00 and online play is unknown.

The Snake5863d ago

This game looks sweet. It's games like this, Castle Crashers, Marble Blast Ultra, etc. that make me thankful for Xbox Live Arcade. Thanks for the video Cyclonus.