CES 2012 Gaming Report from the Microsoft Keynote

Well, what an introduction. Featuring a remix (with added auto-tune) of shots from Microsoft CES Keynotes past, set the stage for a more laid back approach to the presentation. Kicking off with Ryan Seacrest joining Steve Ballmer on stage to discuss the overarching work of Microsoft through Windows PC’s, Mobiles, Tablets and the Xbox.

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garos823543d ago

not much stuff on games with the focus mainly on how windows 8 will cater to all electronic devices. windows 8 looks good. Kinect for pc says to me that they will swiftly abandon xbox as a gaming console in the short term

garos823543d ago

to disagrees: how much focus on games did you observe at the keynote? this website is called news for gamers i hardly saw anything in regards to gaming. in fact the only cool game they showed was cut the rope on the windows 8 tablet. unless the disagrees were looking forward to sesame street?

jammy20493543d ago

I agree that gaming was not a huge focus of the keynote, however, I feel that the developments in regards to the new content coming to the Xbox 360 was important for console owners. IGN content could be interesting in App form, bringing a bigger variety of apps to the console, and yes Sesame Street, well I want to play that one :p Kinect for Windows could open up some interesting gaming possibilities, and the new Windows App Store will be another place for games to be sold, built directly into the OS. I made mention of the overall feeling from the conference in the summary at the bottom of the article.

With not even a hint at the future of the Xbox brand or gaming in general, the Keynote was not of huge importance for gamers. With the majority of the focus on Windows Phone and Windows 8, it seemed Microsoft was reiterating their focus on all areas of the business as they bring their final CES presence to a close.

Half-Mafia3543d ago

I see the Xbox start to become the best selling console. But thats not because of the game side of the 360, its cause of Kinect buzz for mums and kids and all this TV services. Which appeal to a wider/main stream audience then us gamers. Oh and this is mainly going to be in the US market cause thats where MS put 90% of its effect/money.

This is why my RROD 360 is not going to get repaired and I wont be buying a new one. This also will be the same reason I wont be getting the next xbox. I buy a gaming console for GAMES FFS. Not all this non-gaming direction MS has moved the 360 to.