Bethesda Purchases Back Fallout Online Rights

GameBanshee reports that Bethesda has reached an out-of-court settlement with Interplay which gives the rights of developing and publishing Fallout Online back to Bethesda, while Interplay gets $2 million return. This cancels the Interplay version of FOOL, although they can continue their MMO project after removing the Fallout name and content.

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Christopher3545d ago

So, essentially, Interplay gets paid big money to do nothing. Doesn't look like this went exactly the way Bethesda wanted, but there's no way they would let go of the IP and it was either settle out of court or win in court.

Tsuru3545d ago

Says it was settled out of court.

Christopher3545d ago

I know that... not sure why you're telling me that...

grahf3545d ago

Interplay got paid next to nothing. $2 mil may cover all the legal bills they have piled up the past few years.

Christopher3545d ago

I actually doubt that. They have an extremely small team and the legal bills haven't been that much. Sure, it's not a ton of money, but it's more than they would get in court.

BrotherNone3545d ago

No, grahf has the right of it. Interplay could not prove it fulfilled the financing requirement in court, and they had to give up even the old games' rights (from 2014 onwards) just to get $2 million, a good chunk of which will indeed already have gone to their team. This is a very decisive victory by Bethesda, and an unsurprising one.

exsturminator013545d ago

I'm with grahf too. A multi-year corporate suit will cost Interplay a pretty penny, everything they did any work on for the past few years went out the window with the suit (i.e. they won't be making any money from new games any time soon), AND they have to give up rights to the past Fallout titles. For Zenimax, eliminating the threat of a bad MMO corrupting the name and guaranteeing a blockbuster launch for Fallout 4 is well worth $2 million. This is a pretty big win for them, and Interplay isn't really coming out ahead.

For the record, I'm not saying the MMO would be bad, I'm just pointing out that no MMO means no chance of failure. Fallout 4 will be the next Fallout to market, and it will have nothing to drag it down.

Christopher3545d ago

I'm not doubting this is a big win for Bethesda, but I think the financial outcome is more than Interplay was going to get regardless and is likely enough to pay for any costs they have incurred. It's a win for them as well since they otherwise likely have no additional costs to worry about. It could have gone a lot worse for Interplay. A lot worse. So, really, they both got a good deal.

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Hellsvacancy3545d ago

So are we going to get a MMO out of this or what?

BrotherNone3545d ago

Fallout? Wouldn't bank on it. I would guess Bethesda is working on TES Online and won't bring out a Fallout Online for quite a while.

Drake1173545d ago

I doubt bethesda is working on TES online either lol it wouldn't surprise me if they kept both IPs single player. But i think fallout would be more likely to go online over TES.

geddesmond3545d ago

Bethesda won't even release a Fallout MMO. So our chances of see one are nil.

Christopher3545d ago

It's smarter for them to keep pumping out annual Fallout games with DLC than limit their audience with an MMO. If they do an MMO, it'll probably be a casual one off of Facebook or a similar service.

DeathAvengers3545d ago

They can now develop without the interference of third parties and the Fallout IP is worth way more than 2 million.

Christopher3545d ago

They already had the IP, excluding that of using it to make an MMO. Essentially, they bought back the ability to prevent anyone from using the IP at all, but they already owned the IP itself. The question was on whether Interplay could continue to use it based on their previous agreement.

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3545d ago
mook10223545d ago

Now lets hope they bring us a new Fallout with the updated engine they used for Skyrim!!! ;)

Raider693545d ago

A buggy engine!no thanks!

DeathAvengers3545d ago

Which engine has bethesda used for fallout or Elder scrolls wasn't buggy? All this updated engine would change would be significantly better

Skate-AK3545d ago

It might have some frame rate problems but it runs better then fallout 3 and new vegas did on my ps3. At least my system doesn't lock up and need a hard reset every hour or so.

soundslike3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

thats a really sad outcome for the original developers.

DeathAvengers3545d ago

Better for us who enjoyed fallout 3 more than the titles before that.

soundslike3544d ago

thats the thing fallout3 was the first one I played

then when I went and tried fallout 2 I realized that we need a game like it on a new engine.

jaklink3545d ago

This is actually what I wanted, Masthead studios would have produced a game that amounted to absolutely nothing. If anyone has seen their track record, you'll know what I'm talking about, it would have been absolute trash. The people who worked on the original Fallout games now reside at Obsidian Entertainment or elsewhere. Interplay only functioned as the publisher for those early games and they were handing it to an incompetent developer of no talent.

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