Burning Embers: Is The Industry To Blame For Pirating?

Is the video game industry to blame for pirating? Ember seems to think so.

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Buzz7S3549d ago

So those "Humble Indie Bundle" games are to be blamed as well? Because for less than $5, you can get some amazing games, yet people still tend to pirate those.

For the article itself, while I do agree that the industry itself is a part of the problem, shopping around is one of many solutions. What you pay $60 for, I could find for $10-$15 less. It's not much, but every saved dollar counts.

JD_Shadow3549d ago

They are not talking about indie games, though. The indie companies aren't exactly the ones complaining about piracy. It's usually the ones that overprice and then wonder why people don't buy their products that end up complaining about piracy because it's an easy scapegoat that people will blindly agree on.

The article has a point: the industry needs to handle themselves better with this issue. They can't just blame piracy every times sales aren't what they expected when their prices keep going through the roof.

Ulf3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Prices are NOT the problem. Cheap, great quality, indie games are horribly pirated, and frankly, that's probably one of the major reasons it is *so* hard for an indie developer to get off the ground.

The problem is NOT with the industry. The problem is people's morals in the modern day. People think its okay to steal from some "thing", because its not a some"one" that they know, and therefore won't hurt anyone. Whereas, in fact, it hurts *everyone*... especially gamers who want cheaper games, or more independent, creative titles.

FragGen3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

@Ulf: I doubt there is hard data to support your wild assertions. Without any data one could easily assert the opposite with equal authority.

kevnb3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

the industry makes money from piracy, so ya probably. Good way to make money without paying devs.

ForTheFallen3549d ago

The thing about honest pricing is that it works both ways; let's say that one were to price games based off all the positive reviews and overall hype/demand of the game.

Super popular games would be very cheap and easy to get, while new games that could potentially change the system would be very expensive; if they proved popular, their price would fall, and if not, they would either fail or continue on a premium price.

I'm pretty sure if the industry just followed a capitalist mentality instead of a communist, "one price for all" style, we'd have a very badass games market right now.

gaden_malak3549d ago

Regardless of the prices, people would still pirate. These people want stuff for free or to make a profit (if they sell illegal copies) without doing any real work.

jeeves863549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It doesn't matter how low a price is for a game - people will still pirate or try to pirate.

Saying the industry is at fault for piracy is like saying the rape victim is at fault because she wore a short skirt. Am I over-reacting? Perhaps, but that's exactly how retarded that notion is.

People today don't understand the concept of "I can't afford it, I'll save up til I do," If they can't afford it, they'll pirate, but more often it comes to 'if I don't want to pay for it, I won't, and still get it anyway. I don't care if it's the right thing to do or not.'

frozengame3549d ago

You see, the problem with that statement is that many gamers want new games the day that they launch. Some of them can't afford to pay $60 for a new game at launch. Some of them wait until they have the money while others will pirate it.