Nostalgia Can Be Dangerous

An opinion piece that explores the concept of retro games with mentions of recent games like Serious Sam 3 and Hard Reset, in comparison to the Star Wars prequels, with the assertion that nostalgia can sometimes kill the memories you have, of an old and great series.

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-Mika-3549d ago

I agree with this article 100%. You guys know it true.

Commodore3549d ago

Not with SOCOM 2. First ever online console shooter (SOCOM 1 actually, but whatever). Everyone from the SOCOM community wants S2-HD....mainly because every SOCOM afterwards has sucked monkey nuts.

Hell...I still go back and play it with the servers still up 8 years later. Most addicting online play ever.

Kyosuke_Sanada3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

To me it depends on execution. For example I'll use Socom series. Of course if they got Socom II classic and re-released it would do good but not so well in ratings and sales in today's audience. However, if they added modern day additions such as destructible environments, bullet penetration, bullet drop, realistic body animations and other perks on top of that then I think it would be accepted a whole lot better by the modern community. (I am not speaking of classic fans like myself.)

Old gameplay should be used as the understudy to add things upon to make it great when it comes to an established franchise not throwing away the formula entirely.....

morventhus3549d ago

eh... i agree with some of the stuff the article says... but im curious what reviews the author is talking about when it comes to Serious Sam BFE and Hard Reset... since ive heard and read people enjoyed the hell out of them and i did too... and from the bad reviews of hard reset.. Ive read that it was glichy and felt to much like an indie game (which it was)... and alot of Serious Sam reviews got low scores by major reviewing sights due to it not improving the old formula... and just sticking too the original one with a few modern updates... both games got nothing lower than a 70 in reviews and a 70 aint horrid