Diehard GameFAN’s 2011 Video Game Awards

DHGF: As we look back on 2011, there are lots of things we can say about it. It was the year where the Xbox 360 finally morphed into the Sega Saturn with games like Radiant Silvergun, Guardian Heroes and a lot of traditional shoot ‘em ups. It was the year where the Playstation Network was shut down for over a month due to hackers. It was the year where Nintendo launched a new portable system whose initial stumble worried some that this version of 3D gaming was following the same path as the Virtual Boy. It was a year where nearly every major release required a patch on the day of release and console gamers meekly took it as a fact of life, when in previous generations it would have been found unacceptable and then some. It was a year that where the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS let loose their death rattle as the PS2 did the year before. When all is said and done though, the year can be best summed up with three words: Older is Better.

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