5 Names For The New Xbox

It’s commonly referred to as the ‘Xbox 720′, but if Microsoft gives the successor to the Xbox 360 such blindingly obvious title, we’ll start taking every one of Michael Pachter’s predictions seriously.

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morkendo234581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

the NEW an approved "iloop" im kinectimal and hardcoremal lol

Guwapo774581d ago

Xbox 360x 2:The Next Generation

or simply

X3 (x cubed)

iamnsuperman4581d ago

I doubt it will be Xbox 720. Just because the previous was 360 doesn't mean the next will be 720. I expect the next xbox name to have another catchy suffix that has some marketing merit to it.

Crazyglues4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

I thought it was already called Xbox Loop, or did I miss something...? - http://n4g.com/news/906351/...

either way I'm excited to see what they do, I think this nex gen consoles could be really amazing, if the specs turn out to be true

Well I guess we will know soon enough if they do reveal it at the CES show.. -ever since I've updated my PC I've wanted the new consoles to come out..

There is just so much more developers will be able to do..


LNDCalling4581d ago

Isn't 'Loop' the other half of the MS next Gen, i.e. 'Loop' for the casuals and 'Insert new MS console name here' for the others??

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Microsoft Responds To Latest FTC Filing, Calls It Misleading

Microsoft was quick to fire back against the FTC’s latest claim

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Sonyslave35d ago

It a warp lol ftc is need but this case against Ms is over.

lelo2play5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

All the whiners 😭 complaining about Gamepass, where were they when Sony increased their prices and introduced several tiers for PS Plus membership?
When Sony does it, it's perfectly acceptable. When Microsoft does it, all hell breaks loose...
Hypocrites 🤡 much!

BTW, I bet most whiners 😭 complaining don't have or even care about Gamepass. They whine simply because it's Microsoft.

isarai5d ago

We were very vocal and many people including myself cancelled their subs. Tf are you talking about? 🤣

outsider16245d ago

As isarai..said. even i cancelled it when they raised their prices. Im enjoying single player games now.

shaenoide5d ago

It's not the price increase the main problem. It's the removal of day one releases for console users while PC user are safe (for now). It's a weird message being send to console fan ( "You should have bought a PC bro !)

Reaper22_4d ago

Well said! They truly are huge hypocrites.

Einhander19724d ago

This has nothing to do with PlayStation, this is about Microsoft breaking its promises.

Bringing up PlayStation is just a petty deflection attempt to not take responsibility for their own actions.

People are unhappy because this has caused thousands of people to lose their jobs, four studio closures and xbox owners should be mad about price increases and the fact that Microsoft paywalled day one games breaking their promise to their own consumers. Now even if you don't want Call of Duty you're paying for it.

The xboners like you who keep defending this type of stuff are actually making things worse for yourselves because you keep sending the message that no matter how much Microsoft bends you over by breaking their promises you're still going to defend them.

Xbox gamers make gaming worse for everyone every time they defend this type of crap.