Why fighting games still suck

Examiner: "A little over a year ago I wrote an article about why I think fighting games lack innovation and skill. This seems even more true now than it did before."

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Optical_Matrix2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Fighting games don't need to innovate because lets be honest, a year down the line the only people who are still gonna be playing it are the fighting game fans and veterans. Innovation or not, casual fighting game players aren't in it for the long term so why 'innovate'?

And fighting games require no skill? I'm all for opinions and all, but thats ridiculous. Do yourselves a favour (and us) and gtfo.

-Mika-2933d ago

I kinda disagree with you. Fighting games do innovate. Every fighting game adds something new to make their game a fresh experience.

Tekken improved alot from the ps1 and tekken tag 2 is adding new features like tagging your partner in mid combo to continue your assault.

Street figher 3 added ex attacks and a parry system. Adding more skill and strategy to the game.

I could go on and on about new features in fighting games. So saying they don't innovate is silly.

Also i kinda agree with the guy. If you can basically out think your opponent and remember 1 or 2 combos. You pretty much good. Now learning the combos do take some skill but basically it all about the mind games.

ronin4life2932d ago

I think he meant recently.

Emilio_Estevez2932d ago

"Fighting games don't need to innovate because lets be honest, a year down the line the only people who are still gonna be playing it are the fighting game fans and veterans." - That's why they need to innovate, to get more fans/buyers.

MariaHelFutura2932d ago

Fighting games are a genre that has evolved well over time, IMO. Especially when you compare the fighting genre to other genres.

ElliePage2933d ago

Because you're still playing them on the 360. Seriously, the 360 community is scrubs when it comes to fighting games. Most of them have no skill at all. PS3 is where the fighting game community is and even playing online won't really show anybody's true skill. You have to go out to local tournaments and such. EVO is getting bigger every year and even MK is getting a bigger following which is why it will also be at EVO this year. Meanwhile games like Tekken 6 & BlazBlue are being pushed off to the side because the fanbase doesn't stick with those games as much as the others.

Fighting games have only been getting better (aside from Tekken & BlazBlue anyways).

JellyJelly2933d ago

Cause the gameplay is stuck in 2D.

admiralvic2933d ago

The 2D fighters are far more enjoyable than the 3D ones...

mcmmaster2933d ago

Since when has experience and skill not related with each other, you OBVIOUSLY get skill from experience! Why this guys still writing articles, I have no idea -_-

Son_Lee2933d ago

Only fighting games I can play after a few weeks of release are the Street Fighter ones. Mortal Kombat Trilogy still stands as my favorite fighting game with Super Street Fighter IV. I wanna try Soul Calibur V; any fans of the series wanna sway me?

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The story is too old to be commented.